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Separate Preview tool from calendar making it an independent planning tool

I often use preview tool to see how my Instagram feed will look. I spend 30% of my content planning time uploading files to preview, changing their places and creating the best outlook. And this is one of the best option Later has! It also was one of the most important benefits and reason for me to choose Later among other services. However I think there's an option to make it more convenient to use. It would be great if the preview tool would be able to use separatly from calendar scheduling. Now if you put an image into preview it's automatically scheduled to Instagram calendar. However, I want this post to be copied to Facebook too. But in this case I have to upload it manually along with the text one more time and it's absolutely inconvinient. It would be great if the Preview tool could work just as an outlook-planning tool to see how the feed will look alike. 

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  • Aug 22 2018
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