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Tag products in photos for shopable products

I use Instagram with my business and have it connected to my online store. If I'm posting normally, I can tag shop products so people can tap to shop. I can't schedule posts with shop product tags, as it currently doesn't exist on Later. It would be great to be able to tag products as well as people. 

  • Guest
  • Aug 20 2018
  • Not Applicable
  • Apr 22, 2021

    Admin response

    This is not possible via the Instagram API. Any 3rd party apps that offer this are not using the Instagram API, are not Instagram partners, and are most likely violating their terms of service, which ultimately risks your IG account from being banned. We recommend you do not use any such 3rd party apps.

    We have rolled out a linkin.bio solution that allows users to integrate Shopify directly into their linkin.bio posts - and the ability to track back revenue against your individual scheduled posts. Check it out now!

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  • Yulia Tyurina commented
    27 Sep 09:47am

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  • Copeland Hughes commented
    9 Aug 09:52am

    Thanks for the step by step tutorial.

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  • Guest commented
    19 Feb 02:45pm

    I agree!

  • Guest commented
    5 Dec, 2020 09:13pm

    I have to go in and edit each post after Later Auto post with my product tags, so please work this out with Instagram!

  • Guest commented
    18 Sep, 2020 12:43am

    Will we be able to tag from woocommerce - I see there is a shopify already?

  • Augusta D'Ambrosio commented
    10 Aug, 2020 07:55pm

    Planoly has this!!!

  • Guest commented
    10 Jun, 2020 05:58pm

    Tagging products should be a must!!! It's horrible to plan everything and then need to post it manually on the phone...

  • Guest commented
    18 May, 2020 09:48am

    I agree this should be a must for Later! What is the use of planning plan your posts when you have to add manually the shopping tags???

  • Jake kirkham commented
    20 Mar, 2020 11:36am

    We realllllyy need this functionality. It completely defeats the objective of automating postings when you have to manually tag on your phone.

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb, 2020 04:03am

    I think this option is a must for later- I have been using the link in bio for a client and its just not working as well as actual shoppable posts. 

  • Sheryl Ball commented
    3 Jan, 2020 07:44pm

    So I need this capability and am not a shopify user.  Right now I have to go in manually after the fact to add product tags.

  • Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2019 09:47pm

    Nice to see that Later has a workaround for this, but hopefully it's only temporary. Using the linkin.bio user flow is a far cry from using the native Instagram Shopping feature.

    Do you have any updates on when this will be available via the API so we can tag products in Later for our scheduled posts? Having to back and edit the post after it goes up is the biggest pain point right now.

    For others on here mentioning Schedugram/Sked Social, they're not a partner per Facebook's directory so they can't be trusted to not get your account blocked/banned. To find approved partners, check out Facebook's directory: https://www.facebook.com/business/partner-directory

  • Jess Nana commented
    4 Jun, 2019 12:26pm

    HI, I was using Schedugram which is an approved instagram app and partner until I switched to you guys a month ago. This was one of the features that they do have. It would be super helpful to have this ability with later.

  • Guest commented
    27 Mar, 2019 08:17pm

    Please allow us to tag products in posts.  Thank you

  • Simone Agius commented
    23 Jan, 2019 02:02am

    the linkin.bio funtion is so confusing? how is this is replacement for tagging products?

  • Leiv Kristian Steig commented
    21 Dec, 2018 01:39pm

    In the future, will this integration work with WooCommerce?

  • Matt McShane commented
    12 Nov, 2018 10:38pm

    yeah i agree, its annoying having to set an alarm for when a post goes up so i can tag it manually

  • hi fred commented
    27 Sep, 2018 11:18am

    Yes, that was very helpful. Supporting Instagrams native shopping feature / tagging the products in scheduled posts seems to be possible for 3rd party apps – here's what Schedugram does: http://support.schedugr.am/support/solutions/articles/1000264726-adding-product-tags-to-posts

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