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Save tagged user

Let us save user for tagging as we can save captions, so that you don´t have to type in every username again for a new image.

  • Maurice Hofmann
  • Aug 18 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Janet Romanowski commented
    7 Sep 02:59am

    I agree 100%. You let us save Captions which saves me so much time putting the hashtags in each time. Why not let us save the tags so when we can either go to a list of our saved tags and bring them in from there, or have it where you start to type in the first few letters and it autofills the rest of it

  • Tanner Dritschler commented
    6 Jul 03:14am

    A good workaround is to use the saved captions feature for this. Though I could see how making this a built-in feature would feel much more organic. This is a great feature request.

    Tanner from DM


  • Ana Almeida commented
    17 Jun 09:08am

    This would be so helpful and save me so much time!!

  • Jeannine Swallow commented
    15 Jun 02:34pm

    This is crazy! This proposal has been made over 3 years ago and still no advancement in tagging features. This is absolutely insane! A very important feature and quiet time consuming. I just signed up for a year but now that realized this, will be looking else where.

  • Pat Shrader commented
    21 May 07:22pm

    Almost 3 years of requests for this feature, and not movement. Nice tool overall, but tagging is absolutely essential for IG growth, and the tagging functions are very lacking.

  • Pat Shrader commented
    20 May 11:54pm

    This really needs to happen! i cannot believe it isn't already a part of the tool. Seems like you could store your own list of IG names instead of asking IG API for it, but I would not have to retype them for every post.

    Not having it costs me a lot of time. Easier to visit the post and use IG's own tools than to use the clumsy method in Later.

  • Amy Srodon commented
    26 Feb 08:24pm

    This seems like very basic functionality you should be able to provide - hoping it is added soon

  • Seb Loaiza commented
    20 Feb 04:47pm

    Please consider, seems easy to implement. 

  • Johan Vandenhecke commented
    19 Nov, 2019 10:53pm

    I sooooooo want this! Please make this happen ...

  • Guest commented
    3 Oct, 2019 01:17pm

    Please add this. We realize you can't autocomplete via the Instagram API but it shouldn't be hard to track our tags over time and autocomplete those. For my business, I'm always tagging contributors and client names of images I'm posting so it's quite annoying to check the spelling/etc on their accounts everytime I post an image. Thank you!!

  • Andy Bell commented
    19 Sep, 2019 10:05am

    PLEASE!! Seems crazy that this is not possible. Such a waste of time constantly having to check instagram handles. 

  • Jimmy G commented
    6 Sep, 2019 02:34am

    With the need for influencers to tag represented brands and others tagging repost-hub accounts, this would be a great time saver for many users

  • paul clarke commented
    9 Aug, 2019 12:40pm

    This would be huge!! its so annoying to type out the tags everytime. Especially as i often tag the same few people.

  • neha malik commented
    30 Apr, 2019 07:05am

    plz add this feature soon! I usually tag 8-10 accounts and its so time consuming to type each of them for every picture. Auto saving tags and reusing them would surely help. 

  • Garrett Richardson commented
    1 Feb, 2019 06:54pm

    Yes! I would HIGHLY recommend this feature to be updated next. It would save me SO much time!!!!

  • Eugene F commented
    30 Jan, 2019 06:47pm

    This would be so nice! I hate having to go one by one

  • Alexander Ferriman commented
    23 Jan, 2019 03:45pm

    I really want the feature added! Having this feature would allow Later.com users to save time the way saved captions do.  

  • Carrie Sponheimer commented
    10 Jan, 2019 12:37pm

    I would really appreciate it if Later could have shortcut lists of Instagram handles and hashtags that have already been utilized in captions. Currently, I have to use my Instagram app on my phone each time I create and schedule posts with Later because I have to confirm that I'm using the correct handle each time and also remind myself which hashtags I used for certain types of posts.

  • Sara Holbrook commented
    16 Dec, 2018 06:03pm

    Yes. This wpuld be soooop helpful especially since it doesnt connect and auto fill. If it saves in a contact list that u can re choose. That wpuld be Sooo amazing. It still takes me 45 min to plan a post

  • Chris Narey commented
    31 Oct, 2018 01:25pm

    This would help a lot for brands who use regular partners / influencers. If the app automatically saved any tags you've previously used so it at least autocompletes the name as you start to type it

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