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Track and respond comments easily

I think Later is amazing, but you can basically just schedule/post, and need a different service for responding to comments which, btw, are pretty rubb**h. If you could implement this, it'd be great so people only need a Later susbscription rather than a different account in different platforms just to manage their IG accounts.  And this is something really needed, becuase it's very easy to lose track of them in IG with so many likes, etc, so is something that every semi-successful account needs. However, the expenses add up. By implementing this, you'd reduce the bill to one Instagram-managing platform rather than two. Thanks

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  • Sep 20 2016
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  • tyron commented
    10 Jul, 2020 04:42pm

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  • Guest commented
    22 Oct, 2018 07:35pm

    Combine Hootsuite and Later and you would rule the social world.