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Let us choose time format (12 hr. vs. 24 hr.)

24 hour time (AKA military time). UGH. I hate it. So confusing. I'd like to be able to switch to 12 hour time with AM/PM inside the app. Let us have the option. (It's also inconsistent becuase the webtool is 12 hour AM/PM time.)

  • Jimmie Lanley
  • Sep 16 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • pavlita pavluska commented
    16 Sep 04:48pm

    yepp that is incredible just trying the app for the first time and its really annoying, a reason to not even keep trying

  • Johann Gooßen commented
    3 Aug 09:16am

    American time system is very uncomfortable for europe, please make it possible to change that!!!!

  • alexandra woters commented
    17 Feb 12:56pm

    Please, put 24 hour time in.... pm is confusing for european times... so should be able to choose

  • Tuuli Platner commented
    4 Feb 03:41pm

    Bump! Already made mistakes posting in the am and not pm etc. Please add 24 hr format soon!

  • Per Norgren commented
    12 Dec, 2019 05:36pm

    Unbelievable that you can’t choose time format both in app and on web!

  • Annette Vartanian commented
    21 Oct, 2019 07:03pm

    any updates on when this will be added! it's offered on every other platform!

  • ] vb commented
    7 Aug, 2019 08:32pm

    when will this be added!? very needed!

  • DPS Zvonky commented
    5 May, 2019 12:58pm

    Bump. Still 12h format everywhere, it's a bit confusing for most people outside US.


    Come on, it's not that hard to enable time/date format options, most apps have it ;) Or take it directly from OS, both in web app and mobile app...

  • Brian Bettencourt commented
    5 Apr, 2019 08:41pm

    Can't believe this was posted in 2016 and still doesn't exist! LMAO wtf is wrong with the dev's at later? I'm shocked at how many features are half baked and lack simple functionality and tools.

  • hi fred commented
    9 Nov, 2018 05:21pm

    This really would help anyone from Europe.

  • Bård Basberg commented
    7 Nov, 2018 09:41am

    You should really fix this asap. I believe a major part of your customer group uses 24 hour time format. It should be a really quick fix to make your customers more happy and our lives a bit easier... 

  • David Wilder commented
    3 Oct, 2018 07:17pm

    SO AGREE! 24 hour time is very confusing when setting up multiple posts as well as in the app when you need to quickly reference when the next post is supposed to go out.

  • Jhaysin Gilman commented
    28 Jun, 2017 08:03pm

    Would love to be able to use a 24 hour clock.