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Schedule posts for Google My Business

Like this https://www.sendible.com/insights/schedule-posts-to-google-my-business

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  • Jul 4 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • hi fred commented
    23 Nov 03:26pm

    It's great, that you support TikTok now. But please – for the sake of brick and mortar SMBs also think of Google My Business – especially in times of Corona. GMB might not be hip and fancy but it's one of our most important leads channels. It's needlessly tedious having to post manually on Google.

    Supporting GMB can not be hard or restricted API-wise, as lots of similar to Later services do support that platform by now – including all post formats and individual options by post-format. Have a look at the total amount of people who have upvoted GMB in numerous requests, give yourselves a nudge and make it happen!

  • Caroline Black commented
    20 Nov 08:00pm

    Many SME are now posting more on Google My Business profiles. It is important to provide daily updates on GMB to customers looking for products and business on Google. Having this feature on later.com will make subscribe for the year.

  • Greenwood Grill commented
    12 Nov 05:10am

    Scheduling for Google is imperative. Although I love your UI, it is not enough for me to stay with Later. It is a necessity to post to Google My Business, and until Later offers it, I will be using Publer, which allows Google. I am sacrificing my UI experience just so I can schedule to Google.

  • Andrea Mameri commented
    10 Nov 04:32pm

    Yes please! I am trying to convince my boss to switch over from hootsuite and having the ability to post on google my business is integral for the switch over!

  • Rico Pieroni commented
    28 Oct 03:04pm

    Yes, google business is a must given the amount of exposure needed outside social media. Thank you

  • Ian Campbell commented
    3 Oct 04:40pm

    This is the only piece of the puzzle missing from a great product, please add...!

  • AnneMarie Zarba commented
    25 Sep 06:24pm

    My company requires GMB to be part of our social scheduling. I will need to cancel my subscription until this integration happens. I'm happy to come back as soon as you include in your platform. Thanks

  • Guest commented
    24 Sep 06:33pm

    Without GMB support, our mgt team won't approve upgrading to a high level.

  • Jac commented
    20 Jul 11:25am

    A yes please would love this functionality too :)

  • Umut GÜRLER commented
    6 Jun 10:19am


  • Sonal Dave commented
    24 May 01:15pm

    If you could add Google My Business it would be of great value as this is where a percentage of clients find me,

  • cynthia swank commented
    19 May 10:10pm

    yes PLEASE!! Google is where most seem to find us!!

  • Micah Loewen commented
    6 May 01:32pm

    Yes! Would love this

  • Melanie Miniaci commented
    8 Apr 01:24pm

    Would love to have this feature, too

  • Karl P Hardy commented
    26 Mar 07:35pm

    Not very complicated to implement with the API but so powerful for us!

    Please add it quick :)

  • Bea Porter commented
    31 Jan 11:25am

    This feature would be great!

  • Ren taylor commented
    14 Jan 01:54am

    yes we totally need this feature. Its more important that twitter for us

  • Alex commented
    24 Nov, 2019 12:17am

    This is soo important! We would love this to happen

  • Teron Wolf commented
    14 Nov, 2019 06:42am

    Yes, please.

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  • Guest commented
    13 Nov, 2019 06:48pm

    wooohooooo PLEASEEEE do this. Hootsuite do...

    On Wed, 13 Nov 2019 at 18:20, Later (Roger Patterson) <
    0052a341adc1faabe862614a-latermedia@iad-prod1.mailer.aha.io> wrote:


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