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Schedule posts for Google My Business

Like this https://www.sendible.com/insights/schedule-posts-to-google-my-business

  • Guest
  • Jul 4 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Matthew Kauffmann commented
    16 Oct 03:56am

    OMG yes!

  • Laura Richter commented
    30 Aug 04:13pm

    Yes, please integrate with Google Business pages!

  • Beverly Brister commented
    27 Aug 08:45pm
    This would be the perfect addition. Right now I have to use Socialpilot to schedule my Google updates. I'd rather use Later.
  • Jen Br commented
    20 Aug 03:05am

    That's not half bad! wordpress, pinterest, behance

  • Jen Br commented
    20 Aug 03:02am

    You’ve done a great job! tumblr, scoop.it, linkedin

  • jeu onl commented
    14 Aug 10:21am

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  • jeu onl commented
    13 Aug 10:29am

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  • jeu onl commented
    13 Aug 10:28am

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  • Chris Higgins commented
    23 Jul 11:33am

    As a business tool GMB is 100x more important than TikTok or Pinterest. JFDI! Please!

  • Guest commented
    21 Jun 12:48pm

    I'm currently trialing your product but I cant consider you without GMB support. Are there plans to add this? When?

  • Shelton Coats II commented
    11 Jun 07:31pm

    Google My Business posts are becoming increasingly important in Google's algorythm...PLEASE add this as a supported profile.

  • Coloring Only commented
    20 May 02:54pm

    I have setup Google My Business for anime coloring site, but it's still verified.

  • Guest commented
    19 Feb 09:26pm

    I will be leaving later when my subscription is finished if this is not added to your platform, I need this and other platforms off it. Please prioritize this!

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan 08:22pm


  • Guest commented
    7 Jan 03:58pm

    Team Later, pls add Google My Business Integration for Later! I would be really sad to leave Later Tool because not having this feature within your tool. :(

  • Guest commented
    30 Dec, 2020 04:53pm

    Please add !!

  • Ren taylor commented
    18 Dec, 2020 04:32am

    please bring this into the schedule. We currently pay another scheduling ap to do this and it makes life hard.

  • Hunter Swanson commented
    15 Dec, 2020 10:30pm

    Please add!

  • hi fred commented
    23 Nov, 2020 03:26pm

    It's great, that you support TikTok now. But please – for the sake of brick and mortar SMBs also think of Google My Business – especially in times of Corona. GMB might not be hip and fancy but it's one of our most important leads channels. It's needlessly tedious having to post manually on Google.

    Supporting GMB can not be hard or restricted API-wise, as lots of similar to Later services do support that platform by now – including all post formats and individual options by post-format. Have a look at the total amount of people who have upvoted GMB in numerous requests, give yourselves a nudge and make it happen!

  • Caroline Black commented
    20 Nov, 2020 08:00pm

    Many SME are now posting more on Google My Business profiles. It is important to provide daily updates on GMB to customers looking for products and business on Google. Having this feature on later.com will make subscribe for the year.

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