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Please add to later it make my life easier

  • Guest
  • Jul 3 2018
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  • Grace Wacuka commented
    28 Sep 08:53pm


  • Sharon Girard commented
    23 May 12:54am

    Not a big deal to have to post IGTV thru my phone I(m ok with that). It IS A BIG DEAL that I DO NOT have an accurate preview in Later of what my page looks like because IGTV posts do not show on my feed preview in Later. :( This is very aggravating!!!

  • Giada D'Aleo commented
    3 May 03:08pm

    My post published through IGTV does not appear in my preview on Later, this is a big problem for me cause I can't see the right preview of my feed anymore! Hope that Later or better Instagram will solve this soon.

  • Lexi Goforth commented
    26 Apr 04:09pm

    I'm not quite sure why the admins merged "Ability to Preview Feed Including IGTV Posts" with this post. I guess there could be some under the hood considerations that make autopublish and the preview grid features synchronous considerations. But this ticket doesn't seem to describe the concern that you don't see IGTV posts in the preview grid. I would think these should be two independent tickets.

  • Me Ra Koh commented
    2 Mar 07:57pm

    I did a post in my feed through IGTV, and now my feed is off one when I look at it in Preview. I signed up for the Later app b/c of the Preview option. Now I'm wondering if I should cancel Later b/c everything is visually off one which is confusing with trying to plan a monthly, visual layout.

  • Andreas Galster commented
    18 Apr, 2019 04:20am

    So I suppose the author wants to ask for IGTV publishing via later. I really need this myself, IGTV is my main content aside from normal posts on Instagram, so without this the later app doesn't have that much value to me. It's still useful but without IGTV scheduling I'm ultimately still doing most of the posting manually.