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Later Affiliate Program

I'd love to see an affiliate program that rewards members for referrals financially. 

We all know that in ANY business word of mouth is the most powerful and highest converting referral tool.

Currently the Later affiliate program gives members free extra posts (?!) for referring a new member.

No I don't know about you but in my book thats not an incentivising or fair value exchange. Im on an elite membership with 11 accounts I don't need anymore posts. 


What I would like is reward towards paying for my monthly membership fees and then once past a certain level say 10 then the fees would be free and a financial incentive would kick in to give back to the member. 


Im hoping to branch out my social media business into education and would love to recommend LATER as my planning platform of choice however its discouraging to thing I'm still paying full fees and getting nothing for it in exchange. 


I'm just asking for a fair value exchange between business and business.

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  • Jan 30 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Corie Clark commented
    March 01, 2018 19:21

    Agree! Other platforms offer $10-$15 for referrals. Extra images is not what we're looking for

  • Jenny commented
    March 02, 2018 16:35

    Totally agree! I've been waiting for this... and I don't need any extra images, 

  • Desi commented
    March 22, 2018 06:05

    Would love to bumb this notion lol!


    But seriously an affiliate program is not only smart for Later but for us that are Go-Getters it would just be an extra added bonus.

  • Marli Doig commented
    March 25, 2018 04:53

    Yes please! Me too. I have already given word of mouth referrals to a bunch of other small business owners since I started using Later just a couple of weeks ago!

  • Stéphanie a commented
    March 27, 2018 20:04

    I agree 1000%. Word of mouth is the best way to go for marketing strategy. Don't get me wrong, I do love to have extra images, but free months or two would be MUCH better !! 

  • nik garza commented
    April 26, 2018 23:29

    Please make this happen before another app does! 

  • MIGUEL COSTA commented
    May 20, 2018 07:51

    Free posts for Free users, but a % for upgraded accounts?? That is more than fair 

  • MIGUEL COSTA commented
    May 20, 2018 07:54

    And sounds obvious ^^

  • Andrew Loucks commented
    May 28, 2018 20:06

    Bumping this up! I've been using Later for a while and would love to promote it via an affiliate program. Come on Later!

  • Kendra Goodrich commented
    June 07, 2018 19:00

    Me too! I'd love to see an affiliate program 

  • Jesse Lacy commented
    June 26, 2018 23:14


  • Jesse Lacy commented
    June 26, 2018 23:15

    Agreed! Would be happy to include the affiliate link with my future blog post about social media managing. Thanks!

  • Laura O' Mahony commented
    July 04, 2018 12:09

    I'd be interested in this feature too! 

  • Kastor Digital commented
    July 28, 2018 14:18

    I agree, I think an awards program would be great

  • Tanner D commented
    December 10, 2018 00:14

    Dear Later.com

    You are the best paid scheduling platform I've ever used, and I've used them all. However, I would rather promote another program like Sprout social that credits $50....! I'm looking to build a personal brand, and because of your current affiliate program I refuse to add you to my list of affiliates.

  • Jonas Welin commented
    19 Feb 11:26

    We need this!

  • bay mor commented
    01 Apr 06:35

    This was a year ago! Why has something not be implemented. You may be losing customers and referrals. 

  • Guy Barnea commented
    29 May 08:40

    Yes! Let's do it!

  • Guy Barnea commented
    11 Aug 15:06

    Will be great ASAP...

  • Anthony Arriaga commented
    26 Aug 02:06

    any word on the progress

  • Milosz Krasinski commented
    30 Sep 16:02

    Currently the Later affiliate program gives members free extra posts (?!) for referring a new member - real joke!  😂

  • Cosmo Miller commented
    03 Dec 13:26