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Add first comment

Since we all know that it's very import to add hashtags it come sometimes look pretty ugly when everything is crammed into the description of the photo.

Would be awesome to have the ability to add a first comment that can be left for your comments.

NOTE FROM LATER: Instagram's API only allows 4 hashtags to be added to a comment.  Because we've heard from you that only allowing 4 hashtags would make this feature not useful, we are not planning on implementing this.

Instagram's API details: https://www.instagram.com/developer/endpoints/comments/#post_media_comments

  • Guest
  • Aug 25 2016
  • Shipped
  • Jan 9, 2019

    Admin Response

    Instagram has allowed this in their API now, but only for Business Accounts.  So it is now on our planned roadmap for Business Accounts.

    Note: for users who are not IG business accounts, there is a work-around with our Manual Posting that a lot of our Users use:  Since Later's mobile app copies the Posts's caption to your phone's clip-board, you can paste this into your first comment on your post manually.

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  • Tom Brown commented
    September 22, 2016 11:30

    I agree, this would be useful.

    Currently. we store hashtags under product categories on the Notes App on iOS and then copy them across after posting. Not a huge issue, but it'd be great to see the first comment automated somehow within Later. 

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    October 11, 2016 18:39

    Hi there - we can do this, however Instagram has limitations on comments coming through their API - namely, you are limited to 4 hashtags maximum per comment.

    Would this still be useful if you could only add 4 hashtags?

    (Instagram's API details: https://www.instagram.com/developer/endpoints/comments/#post_media_comments)

  • Tom Brown commented
    October 11, 2016 22:17

    Hmm... it's unlikely. Must admit, we try to use all 30 within the first comment after the caption. 

    Useful to know that's an IG limitation though. 

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    November 02, 2016 20:30

    For now - we won't plan on implementing this because (as noted above), we are limited to only sending 4 hashtags per comment.

    If people want just 4 hashtags in a first-comment, please add that as a separate suggestion

  • Guest commented
    March 27, 2017 19:03

    Agree! Exactly my though when I was testing it yesterday for the first time

  • Erika McKellar commented
    April 14, 2017 19:45

    Hi There - I'm currently transitioning over from Grum.co because I like this interface better. They also don't have a mobile app which is a huge negative. However, they do have the ability to post the first comment with up to 30 hashtags. Just wondering how they were able to circumvent the limitation? 

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    April 14, 2017 22:05

    Hi Erika - it appears that grum.co is actually hacking Instagram's API (and thus violating Instagram's Terms of Use) - this is how they can publish to Instagram without using a mobile app like we do.  Any shady company (like grum.co) that do these hacks actually risk your Instagram account from being banned by Instagram - so it's good that you've stopped using them.  However, because we abide by all of Instagram's rules, we can only add 4 hashtags to a comment - the downside of being a good guy :-(

    If you click on the link I provided above to Instagram's API documentation, you can see the details



  • Chantilly Patino commented
    June 18, 2017 13:58

    Has this feature been added yet?  I'm currently using Grum.co and prefer not to switch if it means losing this feature.

  • Victoria B commented
    March 22, 2018 01:35

    Hi there - is there any update on this with the ability to auto post? 

  • p caignet commented
    June 14, 2018 23:45

    Why don't we add the "first comment" ability for now, and then continue from there?

  • Tegan Price commented
    June 28, 2018 09:14

    Onlypult.com allows you to write the first comment when scheduling... A bit worried about using both as we really do need to be able to add a first comment. 

    Hoping that one day later.com will be the one stop shop and we wont have to switch between websites. Unfortunately wasting time adding the linkinbio quickly after the onlypult has published the post with first comment...

  • Anna Laura McGranahan commented
    October 24, 2018 15:21

    Are there any updates on this feature? I know Sprout Social offers the ability to schedule a first comment - has the API changed?

  • Satish Pultoo commented
    November 20, 2018 14:50

    Strange, cause Hopper has this feature!!!

  • Jeff Gardner commented
    December 03, 2018 08:43

    Something must have changed... Hopper and Sprout both allow this? Can we get an update from the later team on when this might be available?

  • Amy Bridgeforth commented
    December 13, 2018 02:22

    Well that makes no sense because Hopper HQ has had this feature for over a year...

  • Marcus U commented
    April 04, 2019 22:57

    When is the next product cycle and planned release date? :)

    We're really looking forward to this massively.

  • Julie Hunt commented
    April 05, 2019 18:12

    Do this! 

  • Chimera commented
    April 10, 2019 10:30

    Will first comment option allow for free plan too?

  • Candice Shaw commented
    April 21, 2019 19:52

    I see this has been planned since Jan 2019. It's now April. Are there any updates?

  • Damon Biviano commented
    April 26, 2019 16:30

    I think it should already be a feature

  • ben adams commented
    May 13, 2019 04:20

    Hi there are there any further updates for first comment scheduling?

  • Jestine Tomas commented
    May 16, 2019 03:30

    I can't wait for this feature! 

  • G H commented
    May 21, 2019 20:29

    Admins havent posted in a long time.  What is the status of the ability to have the first comment automated?  If all your competitors are offering it, why are we stuck without it??????????????

  • G GN commented
    May 27, 2019 15:21

    considering this was added to roadmap in Jan 2019, you must have a very long product cycle.....

  • amy zawacki commented
    May 30, 2019 17:49

    please do!

  • Candice Shaw commented
    June 02, 2019 20:25

    Yes! Thank you! I have a business account so this will be very useful. Do you all have a time-frame for when the feature will be added for business accounts?

  • Stephanie Cafasso commented
    June 04, 2019 22:26

    What's the status on this?

  • Yves Duerr commented
    June 05, 2019 12:37

    Hi, how can I post the Hastags in the first comment with a business account?

  • guest commented
    June 05, 2019 18:31

    I'm currently using a free trial of your app. Unfortunately, not having this feature would be a deal breaker as other apps do offer this option. 

  • Paige commented
    June 10, 2019 16:02

    Any updates on this? Considering switching to a business account & upgrading and this would probably be my tiebreaker. Thanks!

  • Kristi Stewart commented
    June 13, 2019 15:37

    It's now june... how long before we will see this feature go live?

  • ok ok commented
    June 17, 2019 22:18

    Incredible that this feature still hasn't been implemented. 

  • Ty commented
    June 18, 2019 03:52

    What's happening with this guys?? Tailwind has had this feature for quite a while now as well as some other 3rd party software. Please stay in the game and make this a priority so that you can stay with the competition. 

  • James Whittet commented
    June 19, 2019 13:52

    Make it so

  • Guest commented
    June 27, 2019 11:11

    Other scheduling tools are offering this already. This would be an incredibly useful tool to roll out, especially if the API already allows it

  • Monica Chimes commented
    June 28, 2019 19:16

    We would really love to add our hashtags as our "first comment." while we schedule our posts in advance. We find that there are more followers checking out the hashtags in comments and people tend to view them more. It only makes sense since we are scheduling way in advance and would not have to go back into the posts in order to do so.

  • Erdem Oguz commented
    July 01, 2019 10:27

    great option for users.

  • Gordy commented
    July 02, 2019 17:45

    This is a feature that has been implemented by several other social media management platforms for a while now, so it would be great to have this show up in Later. It was teased in an email announcement a few months ago. It does very little good to schedule a ton of content in advance only to then have to have someone be available each time a post is scheduled to go live to grab the hashtags from another app and paste them into a comment on the post. I appreciate all the work the team does on the Later platform and know they have multiple things going at once. That being said, any chance we can get an ETA on when this might be implemented?

  • Jess Nana commented
    July 03, 2019 17:37

    What everyone else said, any ETA? Tailwind just sent out an e-mail about this feature being available now.

  • G GN commented
    July 08, 2019 07:50

    how is this still in "planned" stage? C'mon Later, you can do better than this. 

  • S T commented
    July 13, 2019 04:02

    Big +1 for this. Buffer has this capability.

  • Jess Nana commented
    July 15, 2019 15:13

    Planoly now auto publishes and allows for posting hashtags in the first comment btw.

  • Mike commented
    July 19, 2019 19:54

    This is still needed. Just migrated from one of your competitors and it is perfectly impliment with them. Was disappointed to see it was not a feature with Later.

  • Mike commented
    July 19, 2019 19:55

    This is needed. I just migrated from one of your major competitors who has this implemented perfectly. Please don't forget about this one. 

  • Frank Annotee commented
    July 21, 2019 19:17

    Would love to have this function!

  • Jessie LaMacchia commented
    July 23, 2019 15:26

    What is the status on this? I'm wanting to upgrade but waiting on this one feature. Thanks so much!

  • Saskia Williams commented
    July 24, 2019 12:59

    Any update on this?

  • Guest commented
    July 26, 2019 19:51

    Can we get an update on this function? 

  • G GN commented
    July 30, 2019 01:21

    Why is the status for this changed to "future consideration"? Does that means Later has chosen not to implement this crucial feature? 

  • Kristi Stewart commented
    July 30, 2019 01:41

    I find it absurd that so many other platforms offer this feature currently and we cannot get this through Later.  I would think that a majority of those who would utilize this feature would be business account holders who have other daily tasks besides having to split copy and pasting manually on every post.  This has been showing for 8 months as under construction and now it is reverted back to future consideration... but the admin response is still showing as Planned for the Business Accounts.  I will not be considering other options for our business, as the lack of this feature is creating more work for our social team internally, and as a strictily ecom business, we rely on Instagram as our #1 engagement platform with our consumers.  So disappointed that this is still unavailable.

  • Stephanie Cafasso commented
    July 30, 2019 03:38

    Thanks, I get it

    On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 5:43 PM Later (Roger Patterson) <
    b735e478ac352e19c64b9ce4-latermedia@iad-prod1.mailer.aha.io> wrote:


  • Jessie LaMacchia commented
    July 30, 2019 14:38
    Is there a reason this has changed to future consideration? I've wanted to upgrade to a business plan in Later for a while now, but I'm waiting on this feature. Thank you!
  • SYDNEY LLC commented
    July 30, 2019 18:04

    Re: response from Later: Thanks for responding. Since this is the case, how do apps such as grum have this feature?

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    July 30, 2019 21:53

    It is still on our roadmap, but will not be available this summer. We recognize that this is a very desired feature. Thank you for all the responses and votes - keep them coming.

  • Gordy commented
    July 31, 2019 02:37

    Seeing this move back to “Future Consideration” is beyond frustrating and disappointing. It’d be one thing if Later was blowing my mind by rolling out major new features left and right, but that has been happening. This isn’t a “nice to have” feature requested by a bunch of users. This is a feature Later needs to implement, because ALL of your competitors have had this capability for some time now. It’s virtually pointless to have automatic posting if you can’t post your hashtags to the first comment at the same time. I don’t understand the “thanks for all the comments and votes - keep them coming” line. This feature request already has 462 votes! By far, the most of any requested feature. If we could, and thought it would help, I‘m sure most of use would be hammering on the vote button repeatedly. 

  • G GN commented
    July 31, 2019 06:22

    ".. but will not be available this summer."

    Means we won't see this feature at least until September / October 2019 ?

    C'mon guys. 

  • Amy Lee commented
    July 31, 2019 07:49

    Please implement this feature before your customers turn to your competitors. This is a dealbreaker for social media management software.

  • Gary Pope commented
    August 07, 2019 03:03

    New user here and I'm about to settle and purchase one scheduler that I will move forward with for a couple photography businesses I run.

    This feature is pretty vital for maintaining a professional and luxury-like look for my businesses.  I'd be fine with waiting patiently, but your other massive competitor Tailwind offers this service.

    With this feature it would literally commit me to buying Later now because for the price and features it's fantastic.  But if I have to pay a little more to have a cleaner look and to gravitate to the clientele I want more...then I'd have no issues paying for Tailwind.

    I just wanted to leave this comment to show how important this feature is for businesses.  This is not a little feature to overlook, everyday this is not available you will have more reason for people to go to competitors.  I was literally ready to purchase 10 minutes ago until I noticed that this feature was not there....

  • Christina Utley commented
    August 09, 2019 17:50

    this would be SUPER useful! Look forward to this release.

  • Francine F commented
    August 15, 2019 15:32

    I am super frustrated that Later doesn’t have this basic  feature  when all other competitors already have this!  

  • Bastian Störmer commented
    August 16, 2019 01:43

    I just wrote an E-Mail to Later and got the same answer everyone is getting for more as a year now... "Our team is focused on finishing some new projects at the moment. However, once we’re ready to move forward we’ll begin to plan out a solution for adding first comments from Later. Unfortunately we do not have a timeline on that right now." So it seems it will happen... never :D 

  • Mind and Soul commented
    August 16, 2019 11:02

    Come on guys, get this feature sorted - you're falling behind all the competition and this is a deal breaker for us.

  • w t commented
    August 18, 2019 09:24

    Why is this still not done ? Later.com was the better manager for instagram. Without this it is not even top 10. When is this done ?

  • dez dev commented
    August 22, 2019 04:21

    when will this be rolled out?

  • Kristi Stewart commented
    August 26, 2019 22:12

    As much as I can appreciate your timing and development of new features - you would think that something such as this - that is being BEGGED for and is readily available through competitors would receive a much higher priority.  Our team will be reviewing other options prior to pushing into the busy holiday season, knowing how critical it is to find these features to properly manage our social platforms.

  • Lexie Mooneyham commented
    September 04, 2019 21:29

    Not having this feature is a total dealbreaker. I have no idea why Later has seemingly no sense of urgency to implement this. What's the point of auto publish when you can't really auto publish?

  • Julia E commented
    September 10, 2019 12:09

    Super useful - please incorporate!!! Tailwind is already doing it and the only reason I haven't switched tutti then is because they don't have an android app!

  • Carina Conradsen commented
    September 11, 2019 09:26

    In Sprout you can put maximum limit of hashtags into the first comment?? So in Later it should be possible too?

  • Niels commented
    September 11, 2019 15:01

    Why isn't this enrolled yet?  Number one needed feature on this platform, so many people asking for it but still no response on WHEN this is gonna be implemented...

  • sara N commented
    September 12, 2019 07:16

    planoly has it already!

  • Rachele Gobbi commented
    September 12, 2019 09:24

    Please, this would be greatly helpful!

  • Sam Beechey commented
    September 12, 2019 22:41

    Can anyone recommend another platform that this does work well this? Need to start researching this is a deal breaker for me with a pro plan expect more. 

  • Hannah C commented
    September 24, 2019 20:43

    Hi, this has long-since rolled out for Business accounts on other schedulers. I love Later but this alone is big frustration for me. When will it finally come to Later?

  • Gids Ghasn commented
    September 25, 2019 19:41

    Whoa... what did I just read?

    Since we all know that it's very import to add hashtags it come sometimes look pretty ugly when everything is crammed into the description of the photo.

    Would be awesome to have the ability to add a first comment that can be left for your comments.

  • Landon Poburan commented
    September 26, 2019 17:02

    This would be great since it is a feature others have like Buffer and was almost a factor of me using them over later

  • Laura Scott commented
    September 30, 2019 20:24

    I think 4 would be useful at least until an updated feature is made. The sooner we can add at least something to the first comment that would be great.

  • Kylie de Boer commented
    October 08, 2019 00:42

    Hi Later, Is this something that is in place as yet? and if so how many hashtags are allowed? Looking at switching over from Hootsuite to later and really wanting the ability to be able to add hashtags in first comments. 

    Also is Later pricing in AUD or USD? and how do you contact support?



  • Mandy Jay commented
    October 13, 2019 03:08

    Really surprised this isn't already implemented.  As others have said, it's available in all the other platforms I am currently test driving.

  • Wade Sellers commented
    October 18, 2019 15:28

    Stoked to hear this is coming. Any updates since January?

  • Michelle Parry commented
    October 29, 2019 04:35

    this is a must for me. I'm thinking of switching from tailwind that also has the link in bio and hashtag finder. 

  • Guest commented
    November 04, 2019 19:35

    When will this be done?


    Other Instagram partnered platforms have already integrated this...

  • Guest commented
    November 05, 2019 17:16

    Hi, is this still in progress? Other platform such as buffer.com has this and it works very well.

  • Alex Bowsher commented
    November 08, 2019 09:29

    We need this already!!

  • Alexa Stahl commented
    November 08, 2019 19:10

    Please implement this feature ASAP! Our business likes to use Later, but we really REALLY need to be able to schedule the first comment. This is the sort of thing that will force us to move to a different platform sooner rather than later. Drop whatever else you are developing and focus on this first PLEASE!!!

  • Guest commented
    November 11, 2019 13:48

    I wonder if this is still on your bucket list? In your ADMIN RESPONSE above from January you stated that you will work on it. When will you implement it? Thanks! Leonard

  • LISA commented
    November 12, 2019 03:48

    This feature would be great. I use Later for all my posts while I'm asleep. Unfortunately, adding comments (not just hashtags but anything) via the Later website doesn't work on my business account.  

  • Tom Kregenbild commented
    November 12, 2019 19:41

    I really need this feature. I love later but if it will not be added I will move to other products that provide this feature

  • chris riesner commented
    November 18, 2019 22:55

    this feature is a decided factor in me moving to later app

  • J rhinno commented
    November 19, 2019 07:50

    Sadly, as much I love Later's community, interface and robust features in the end i just couldn't bring myself to continue with later when there are much simpler but working alternatives :(  With later, I just couldnt stand that there's still no auto-comment, the google drive is a mess or atleast an IOS files app as an option, and every time i miss a post its just complicated to move everything one by one again.. a lot of extra steps. again super simple stuff that could have been implemented. Till next time later 

  • Jo Thorpe commented
    November 19, 2019 13:54

    Any news on when this feature is going to be available?

  • Geoff Ferguson commented
    November 21, 2019 04:21

    Not only would this be useful but you are falling behind to the competition, see a number of bots coming out offer this - it's not new, it's not hard hitting, but it's a feature that will keep you in the running, at the risk of being forgotten entirely

  • Cassidy Davis commented
    November 24, 2019 18:16

    This would be so useful!!

  • natalie katz commented
    November 27, 2019 00:32

    Just created a business account because I assumed this feature was included - literally every planning app does first comment so you don't have a zillion ugly hashtags in your caption. I am going to delete my subscription because of this. This is literally instagram posting 101. 

  • Janet Campbell commented
    December 11, 2019 21:05

    I'm confused are you planning on having this feature or not? I received an email from you stating that you are not going to because IG only allows 4 hashtags in a comment which I know that isn't true since I use another platform (Buffer) which does allow the full 30 hashtags in the comments with no problem.  I have been enjoying using your platform but if we don't have the comment feature than would have to look somewhere else.

  • Kayla commented
    December 12, 2019 01:44

    Hi, I have been using Planoly before transferring over. They have the 1st comment feature and can add more than 4 hashtags. They have theirs set up where you can use all 30 but it includes the actual caption and the 1st comment. So if you use 5 hashtags in your caption, you can use the additional 25 in the 1st comment field.

  • Celeste G commented
    December 30, 2019 03:34

    Hi Later team! Will this update happen anytime soon? As a social media manager, sometimes I need to add mandatory disclaimers to brands post (ie sun care in AUS) and this has to be done immediately after posting in the first comment. Thank you!

  • stephen wawryk commented
    06 Jan 21:12

    Hi, Planoly currently has this feature - Later needs to get on it, I just switched and it's important. Thank you!

  • Lindsay Schlesser commented
    08 Jan 17:26

    Very important, I hate the fact I have to go back into IG once the posts are published and add the hashtags. Please implement asap.

  • Jenni Frank commented
    08 Jan 21:28

    Would LOVE this!

  • Andrey Zhuk commented
    10 Jan 04:13

    This is a highly needed feature!

  • Joel Rodriguez commented
    10 Jan 19:40






  • Mel B commented
    15 Jan 01:17

    I like Later but switched to Planoly because they offer this feature and Later doesn’t. As soon as Later introduces this feature I’ll switch back. 

  • Natalie Kyte commented
    20 Jan 01:23

    Any updates on how far away this is? Would hate to have to move over to Planoly due to Later lacking just this one feature.

  • Jae Bird commented
    23 Jan 21:10

    "JUST DO IT" - Shia LeBeouf 

  • Bec Cee commented
    26 Jan 06:02

    Yes, this would be fantastic to have. Even if it's only X4. Can you do this? 

  • Matt King commented
    26 Jan 21:22

    It would be great to have hashtags possible in first comment.

  • Julie Roe commented
    30 Jan 19:21

    Why is the status testing if you are not planning to implement it, the
    content of this email seems contradictory and doesn���t make sense

    On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 1:05 PM Later (Roger Patterson) <
    bac492e068f2fcd94add5cc0-latermedia@iad-prod1.mailer.aha.io> wrote:


  • Guest commented
    30 Jan 19:21

    I used Planoly for one month (January) just for this feature and I was able to use more than 4 hashtags in the first comment.. the posts looked so much nicer.

  • Jake Doering commented
    30 Jan 23:13

    Alright, so you're finally putting this one the roadmap for business accounts! So... when is it estimated to ship? Or, at which date do you want to win back all the customers here who have had to switch to competitors who built this? 

  • Jade F commented
    31 Jan 20:09

    I have just switched over from using planoly as your analysis and media library is a lot more comprehensive HOWEVER Planoly currently offer a first comment auto post with the ability to add up to 30 hashtags... I would consider going back to them solely for this feature as the hashtags take up way too much character count to include in my posts  - I would really like to see your team further investigating ways to make this work, especially as others are doing it successfully, so it is not imposdible! 

  • Andrea Cordova commented
    01 Feb 15:09

    I'd love to hear why Sprout Social has the capability to do it just fine
    with an unlimited number of hashtags, but you guys can't.

    On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 11:05 AM Later (Roger Patterson) <
    11f3512eaab9ff77603e7057-latermedia@iad-prod1.mailer.aha.io> wrote:


  • Suvata Yoga commented
    03 Feb 06:35

    Any news on this? This is currently the only thing keeping me from switching to Later from Tailwind.

  • Tim Cooks commented
    06 Feb 04:03

    This is the only thing preventing me from actually switching to paid plan. I am trying out your competition and potentially sticking with them just because I can't do this on later.com

  • Kassie L commented
    06 Feb 23:21

    Waiting for this (im)patiently...!

  • Marci Perry commented
    07 Feb 20:18

    Just signed up for your paid service, and starting to regret that we are unable to add first comment hashtags using Later. Please say that this is a feature that will soon be added. 

  • Miles Mitchell commented
    12 Feb 23:15

    I'm confused on the progress of this. I received an email saying it was going into Beta testing, but the note says it will not be implemented (maybe that note is old and should be removed?)

    My guess is that it is indeed dated because there are other services I'm exploring like Sendible that allows the maximum amount of hashtags (30) to be entered as the first comment. Eager to see how quickly this is done because really leaning towards Sendible as they have much better social monitoring/discovery features. 

  • Sarah Gracey commented
    13 Feb 17:15

    Is this still looking to be added to Later? Looks like last comments were a year ago?

  • Mary Hanover commented
    16 Feb 22:52

    Can we do automated instagram hashtags in first comment yet?

  • Rebecca Papp commented
    21 Feb 13:38

    But there are other programs that let you post 30 hashtags in the first
    comment.. just an fyi

    On Thu, Feb 20, 2020, 12:15 PM Later (Roger Patterson) <
    bc2a793ca43a28d5da42455b-latermedia@iad-prod1.mailer.aha.io> wrote:


  • and 694 more