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More extended Analytics - Year over year, entire year, 6 months, or even custom dates

I would like to see the improvement over a longer period of time, or from when my team started implementing new ideas. We used to use iconosquare, but switched to later for easier scheduling but we miss some of the analytics from iconosquare. I would especially like to see year-over-year data as this could be helpful for seeing if new strategies are helping versus going back to "the old ways".

  • Annie Steinert
  • Dec 15 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    16 Sep 02:06pm

    Upvote! Hand-waving-in-the-air, please-give-this-to-us sort of upvote.

    It's simply essential.

  • Megan Rawson commented
    30 Aug 11:01pm

    Yes! Upvote.

  • Benjamin Petit commented
    28 Aug 02:46pm

    upvote !

  • Tim Rand commented
    27 Aug 11:49pm

    Yes please. This isn't just needed, it's critical for us to continue using later.

  • Augusta D'Ambrosio commented
    10 Aug 07:47pm


  • Lindsey B commented
    7 Aug 08:43pm

    upvote !

  • HHS Lear Center commented
    30 Jul 07:14pm

    Please extend analytics. This would be incredibly helpful.

  • GG commented
    23 Jul 11:53pm

    Agree with everyone here, we definitely need longer periods of reporting (all-time) would be great. 3 months is simply not enough, especially if you miss a few weeks.

  • Lucynda Carrancedo commented
    23 Jul 06:38pm

    Hello Later Team!

    I highly suggest an additional Analytic report where Agencys can share with Clients not just Weekly Reports but Monthly Reports. The monthly reports share more of a growth meanwhile the weekly doesn't really show much growth. Hopefully this is taken into consideration soon!

  • Tanner Dritschler commented
    6 Jul 03:06am

    I'm a strong advocate for a more robust reporting system, at least one that can be exported to pdf or something of the sort. My team and I are forced to use a third-party reporting system in tandem with Later's reporting system...

    Tanner from DM


  • Nicolas Singh commented
    19 Jun 12:38am

    This would be super useful, even if we were able to see a year . There’s no way I can currently report on how we did through thr FY. If I had known Later only kept data for the lst three months I would have exported my data after each quarter. At this point, I had to sign up for a free trial with Buffer to get these analytics and report on the FY growth.

  • Wes Nifong commented
    26 May 03:55pm

    YES, I'm desparate for more analytics. I'm still with SproutSocial for this reason.. I can't afford to lose the extended analytics.

  • Melissa Bachtel commented
    5 May 08:52pm

    This would be such a helpful feature. This tool would almost be perfect if it had a longer history of analytics. I would pay more for this feature.

  • reina pomeroy commented
    21 Apr 05:17pm

    We need more analytics than 3 months!

  • Katherine commented
    8 Apr 07:33pm

    Considering a move to another program - really need analytics much more accessible whenever needed- not just 3 months.

  • Rachel Leib commented
    12 Mar 11:37pm

    Yes- Year over year! I was going to sign up with you depsite not supporting Facebook but I want year over year so I can see growth (or not)- will go with a platform that has a fuller/broader offering.

  • Reto Jost commented
    9 Mar 08:48am

    This is a bummer. Why pay for a tool, when it just erases your data...

  • Brittany L commented
    5 Mar 05:39pm

    Highly agree and would like to upvote. With Buffer we can see in depth analytics back dating at least two years. Considered switching to Later and like the scheduling, link in bio and ability to add notes and tags to media in the gallery, but without the analytics we do not see as much value.

  • Haleigh Brown commented
    4 Mar 06:37pm

    NEED MORE DATA. I am currently shopping for new software. Got a call with Sprout Social today.

  • Joy E commented
    5 Jan 05:49pm

    I would like to see total likes per week/month/year instead of a weekly breakdown and a separate report. Data is in two different places

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