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Upload photos from Google Photos

Being able to upload pictures directly from Google Drive is nice but being able to upload pictures from Google Photos would be even better, so you don't have to save Google Photos to the Drive before uploading them

  • Guest
  • Aug 16 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Benjamin Wilkinson commented
    March 17, 2018 03:39

    Desiree asked me what I wanted.  it's this one!

  • Ulric Miguel commented
    June 14, 2018 21:45

    is there any development on this topic?

  • Guest commented
    July 17, 2018 13:46

    this would be awesome

  • stephen knight commented
    01 Apr 08:24

    All my photos back up to google but not to drive - this would be the most useful tool if it was a feature

  • Guy Grinfeld commented
    04 Apr 12:30

    Any updates on this feature? it's a much needed one!

  • Nicole S commented
    22 Apr 10:48

    Any updates??  I need this!

  • Joe Wall commented
    24 Jul 10:06

    This is now more important than ever seeing as Google have stopped automatically uploading photos to Drive and now only keep them in the Photos section.

  • Heather Harger commented
    26 Sep 08:40

    With the disconnect of Drive and Photos, this is essential. Please consider!

  • mary wells commented
    13 Nov 17:04

    Yes please! This would be incredibly helpful.