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Add a Schedule View (Week View/Month View/Preview View) à la Google Calendar

Should be able to view all scheduled posts in a list view, and edit captions & hashtags from this list.

Interface could look something like the Schedule View on Google Calendar. Or look like a sheet in Airtable.

Would help to get around the wonky & unresponsive Month view, even the Week View is pretty unresponsive (ie. looks terrible when the browser window is narrow, and breaks some functionality)

The Preview view already kind of has this list formatting partially worked out, in what appears on the right hand side. Just need to be able to click into those posts and be able to edit from that List.

  • Bayview LA
  • Nov 24 2021
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  • Richard Lozano commented
    25 Nov 06:19am

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  • Bayview LA commented
    24 Nov 07:13pm

    should be able to view all scheduled posts from all linked social media accounts in this view, and filter from their (ie. only show tweets, only show Instagram Stories not posts, etc.)