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Ability to see all profiles in calendar and select which ones to post to for each post

For people who use Instagram preview to plan upcoming posts but like to coordinate their posts across other platforms, turning instagram calendar view on and off repeatedly to see what posts are scheduled so we can schedule posts to other platforms is really annoying.

The recommended method of creating posts for all "open/viewed" platforms, just to delete the ones you dont want to post to is a complete waste of time. Or if you create all posts for the platform you want, then rearrange them in instagram preview, you have to go back and manually update the posts that are scheduled to other platforms. Also a waste of time.

When creating a post you should be able to see your calendar for all your channels and select or deselect what platforms you want to post to. So much time is wasted turning everything on so you can see your whole social media calendar and off so you can post.

Every time I have to post to multiple platforms I start looking at other companies & wondering if I need to just make the switch.

  • G H
  • Nov 20 2021
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