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When adding labels, if the one typed already exist not make an alert, just add it.

If i write "Flowers" and the label already exists an alert comes up. Instead, just add the label "Flowers"

  • Alvar Lagerlöf
  • Aug 11 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Jeff C commented
    24 Aug, 2018 04:37pm

    100% agree, Alvar.

    Roger, let's discuss your example... If I want to tag a photo with Flowers and it is not in the system, giving the option to add it as a new label right away makes more sense than forcing them to go back to the add form. Same with Adding... if it is already in the system give a note about that and allow the user to also set the label right away without having to go back to the original form, search for it and tag there.

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    18 Aug, 2016 12:04am

    We are working on improving Labels right now - it's one of our focuses (foci?)

    We've toyed around with what you suggest, but our worry is that if we automatically create a Label that you're searching for (if it doesn't exist) - then people may end up creating too many Labels by mistake - through spelling mistakes, etc.