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PLEASE GIVE US Folders and subfolders to organize media library!!

Being able to organize the media library in folder/subfolder would be a HUGE time saver and a massive organization improvement. Currently the labels make things messy and it is not easy to find things in the media library set up.

There is a reason that every dropbox/file system in the world is run with folders and subfolders. It is by far the most organized and easiest to navigate. I have 126 vendor clients who all have thousands of skus. Trying to find anything with just labels is a nightmare.

Labels could still be kept for pulling multiple assets across multiple folders/subfolders. Also, being able to give upload access to certain folders to their respective parties could then be implemented and save even more time.

Honestly the lack of organization in the media library creates a huge time suck and is a major reason I have considered switching all clients in 2022.

  • Grace Boyer
  • Oct 21 2021
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