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HP Printer Care+1-800-319-5804

HP Printer Paused Issue.

When your HP printer becomes unresponsive for an extended period of time, it is said to be in 'pause mode.'

However, there is a 'HP Printer Pause' option that allows you to pause printing processes so that the scanner may focus solely on scanning chores. After finishing other operations such as'scanning,' you can reset the 'HP Printer pause' option and resume printing.

This article will walk you through the procedures to troubleshoot the 'HP Printer stopped' error. If you have any other problems with your HP Printer, you can call HP Number, where IT specialists will try to figure out the source of the problem and address it as quickly as possible.

The reason behind HP Printer pause error

There are various reasons why your HP printer can go into 'Pause mode.' Print spooler, printer software, paper jam, and no cartridge are all common causes.

How do I fix the ‘HP Printer Paused’ error?

This error can be corrected using one of two simple approaches. The methods below will assist you in resolving your printer issue; follow them to avoid future issues.

Method 1:-

  • Check to see if the 'HP Printer pause' option is on or disabled in the settings.

  • Place your HP printer device's control panel on the front.

  • Now tap and hold the 'Pause' option for a few seconds. Your HP Printer will no longer be in 'Pause mode' as a result of this.

  • To confirm, follow the on-screen prompts.

  • Now, open the taskbar on your computer and double-click the 'HP Printer' icon.

  • During this phase, a list of all the documents you want to print will appear on your desktop screen.

  • Right-click the screen that shows the 'Paused' state now.

  • To get your printer to operate again, you must select the 'Resume' option.

Method 2:-

  • To unpause printing, go to the desktop screen and select the'start' option, then the'settings' option, and finally the 'Printers' option.

  • Right-click the Printer icon now.

  • Select the 'Pause Printing' option; if it is already enabled, untick the box next to it.

  • Now try printing the document once more.

  • Remove the printer from the network connection.

  • Connect your computer to a parallel port using a parallel cable.

  • Activate your HP printer.

  • Try printing the document again after you've completed the procedure.

  • Becky Lean
  • Oct 21 2021
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