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+1-800-319-5804, Email forwarding problem: How do I Forward AOL Email to Gmail?

How to Import AOL Emails to Gmail 2021

Some people desire to combine their two email accounts into a single Webmail account since they don't have time to open each one individually when they have a hectic schedule. Assume you have two separate email accounts (AOL and Google). You use Gmail on a daily basis for business, but you barely check or use your AOL account once a week. When you checked your AOL mail one day, you noticed a message from your supervisor about the work. You know you're in trouble at that point, and no one wants to be in that circumstance. So, there is a technique to transfer your AOL emails to Gmail without losing any crucial messages.

You have the option of consolidating your email or cancelling your AOL account. The Gmail fetcher application logs you into your AOL account and transmits your new messages and contacts rapidly. You won't miss any new messages or emails from your AOL account this way.

If you wish to have all of your emails in Gmail at the same time. Then keep reading this post and following the instructions.

How To Import AOL Messages to Gmail

You can still access your emails on your AOL email account after importing all of your AOL emails to Gmail. Google only saves a copy of your email in its database.

  1. Simply put gmail.com into your browser to be taken to the Gmail page.

  2. To access your Gmail account, log in with your email address and password.

  3. After that, go to the upper right corner of the Gmail page and pick the setting gear.

  4. Now, under the drop-down menu, choose "Settings" to go to the settings page.

  5. There are many options on the settings page, and one of them is to select the "Accounts and Import" tab beside the inbox tab.

  6. Search for Import mail and contacts, then click "Import from another address," which takes you to the next page and displays the dialogue box.

  7. Now, in the text area under "What account do you want to import from?" type your AOL email address.

  8. After accepting the terms and conditions, click the "Continue" button to proceed with the transaction.

  9. Then, for importing your messages and contacts from AOL mail, enter your AOL mail password. After you've entered your password, press the "Continue" button.

  10. Select "Import contact" and "Import mail" to import all of your AOL mail contacts and messages to your Gmail inbox.

  11. Note: You can also choose to automatically import new mail to your Gmail inbox for the next 30 days by selecting Import new mail for the next 30 days.

  12. Finally, click on the “Start import” button at the end of the page.

Now you have imported all your new mail from your AOL account to Gmail inbox. And you can easily check your AOL email without opening your AOL account.

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  • Oct 20 2021
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