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Dell Laptop Care +1–800–319–5804, Dell Laptop Drivers-Support

Install and Update Dell Laptop Drivers

Dell Driver Easy Can be Download and install.

Select Scan Now from the option under Driver Easy to update and install Dell drivers. Following that, Driver Easy will search your computer for any missing or malfunctioning drivers. It's critical to keep ALL of the drivers on your Dell laptop up to date so that it can perform at its best and avoid issues like the blue screen of death and sound difficulties.

In this post, we’ll show you two safe and easy ways to acquire the latest Dell laptop drivers.

How to Install the drivers for your device.

  • Click Install after the download is complete.

  • Click Open in the Open File dialogue box.

  • If your anti-virus or security software asks if you want to let it make changes to your computer, say yes.

  • When the application dialogue displays, confirm the driver’s name and click Continue.

  • Click OK after selecting the folder where you wish to unzip the files.

Note: Select an easily accessible folder, such as one on your desktop. If you pick the default folder, make a note of the address by copying or writing it down.

  • If prompted to create a folder, select Yes. If a popup comes requesting that the folder be rewritten, choose Yes to All.

  • Once the files have been successfully unzipped, a confirmation window will display. To exit the dialogue box, click OK.

  • After pasting or entering the location of the folder where you unzipped the files into Windows Explorer's address box, press Enter.

  • To install the driver, double-click the Setup programme.

  • If your anti-virus or security software asks if it can modify your computer, say yes.

  • The Device Driver Installation wizard will walk you through the procedure.

  • To see the changes take effect, restart your computer.

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  • Oct 14 2021
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