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Offer Customers Ensured PCI-DSS Compliance with PayPal

Because of its simple and immediate setup, low processing fees, global reach, safe and timely payouts, and PCI-DSS compliance, PayPal is one of the most priority recurring payment alternatives for a number of clients.

Integrating PayPal provides merchants with increased payment-information security. Despite the fact that the data passes through Subscription Flow's automated subscription management system, the customer's credit card information is not saved. PayPal stores user credit cards in a secure vault rather than on its servers, which means there is no risk of data breach and customers benefit from enhanced PCI-DSS compliance.

PayPal also offers PayPal buyer protection and PayPal purchase protection, which protects customers in the event that the merchant fails to resolve a dispute in their favor. It's a unique selling proposition that subscription businesses may use to win customers' trust.

  • Rizz Khn
  • Oct 14 2021
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