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Competitor analytics

I would like to be able to track progress and posts of my strongest competitor. I see the function as searching for account or hashtag, then adding it to the analytics so I can see my growth compared to theirs. It would also be nice with funfacts as to when they post, how many posts they have a day and how much engagement they have on average. 

  • Jan Hagen
  • Aug 15 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Gregory commented
    23 Sep 06:45pm

    Agree with prior comments...over 4 years now and no competitor analysis. You don't have to do a super deep dive (leave that to competitor apps) but at least some basic data? Maybe just 1 competitor and some top level stats to compare!

  • Luisina Romero commented
    24 May, 2020 06:13pm

    Hi, we need this too!

  • Roman Tishchenko commented
    10 Feb, 2020 02:01pm

    Totally agree. Have to use SocialBlade for this now :(

  • Daniel Rubín commented
    18 Nov, 2019 02:15pm

    Yes, no more iconosquare accounbt needed!

  • Guest commented
    10 Jul, 2019 03:20pm

    I second this. This is the only reason I have an Iconosquare account so it would be great to streamline my toolset :)

  • Guest commented
    20 Feb, 2019 12:20am

    Literally anything I can do to stop giving money to SocialBlade would be SUCH a blessing. 

  • Guest commented
    15 Feb, 2019 09:08am

    Yes please - this is the biggest disadvantage of Later right now. Can't believe it has been 1.5 years since this post and still no update :(