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Adding social sets from any subscription level

currently i am on the advanced plan, as i need that for my most active social set. however, my other accounts/social sets do not need unlimted posts, meaning the starter plan or growth plan would fit much better for these other accounts at this time. i wish to be able to add social sets from different subscriptions onto the same account, as i am now forced to create a new account if i want social sets for a different sub than the one i am currently on.

at this time it means i have to have 3 active accounts i must switch between to be able to have all the social sets i want, which is very, very supotimal and takes much more time than should be necessary. this should also be something that is simple enough to code into the website, so please do look into this.

yes i am aware i can techincally just put all these on these extra social sets on my advanced plan, but i am then overpaying a lot for features i do not need.

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  • Oct 9 2021
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