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Ability to add thumbnail image (or cover image) to video posts on IG feed

This would let you select a cover image or thumbnail for videos that are being posted to the instagram feed, instead of just automatically selecting the first frame of the video.

This is possible when posting a video directly through the IG app, but not when posting a video to IG through Later.com.

  • Guest
  • Sep 21 2021
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  • Guest commented
    15 Oct 05:00am

    Shrinking images is very necessary, it helps to make our post more impressive when choosing an eye-catching image.Like Friday Night Funkin', the fact that they chose good thumbnails helped attract a lot of people.Thank you for sharing

  • mabel goodrich commented
    9 Oct 07:08pm

    Thumbnail image is so important and helpful to understanding about what the video is for! The owner of the video should try to use appropriate thumbnail for making a sense all about the entire video. I quite often use this tiktok 18+ for making my online browsing time effective and enjoyable. This post about creating attractive thumbnail is so easy and simple. Thanks and I will surely try to prepare it by myself.

  • morton wang commented
    22 Sep 05:45am

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