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How to track affiliate conversions?

KPIs for affiliate marketing numerous amounts. This is why picking the correct metrics to monitor can be difficult. If you check the wrong ones, you'll wind up squandering time.

The top metrics for How to track affiliate sales are as follows:


That's why so many affiliates choose to write product evaluations or product comparisons because they convert better than any other type of data, and it generally benefits both parties because the affiliate draws users who are more likely to buy.

The number of sales and average order value (or better LTV) are usually the two characteristics that distinguish top tier affiliates from the rest.

Marketers, for example, are fearful of putting advertising on their site because they fear it would slow down the site and degrade the user experience. It's possible!

However, the impact will most likely be minor in comparison to the extra income generated by the advertising when they are active on the appropriate pages.


The most significant affiliate marketing KPI is clicks,” says Relaxation Company's Stuart Leung. “This is the figure that represents the level of exposure your products receive through advertising mediums.

This figure can be compared to the volume of sales to find out the effectiveness of your affiliate programme. There may be a mismatch if you have a lot of clicks but only a low percentage of sales.

This will give you the knowledge you need to make any necessary adjustments to your strategy.

On the other side, if it's a new brand (in its early stages), they'll be concerned with how many people are genuinely clicking, because people won't trust and click a link because it's a different flavor.

It'd take some time. So, these are two main elements, but their importance may vary depending on a brand's business self awareness.

Organic traffic:

Getting a lot of organic search traffic is vital to succeed with affiliate marketing because of the low EPC (Earnings Per Click), but you also want the proper organic traffic,” says Stein Jurgen of Smartphones Exposed.

To score well on search engines for a variety of search/keywords, you must provide relevant material with exceptional information.

Conversion rate:

Affiliate marketing site owners talk constantly about earnings, unique users, rankings, and other data, but none of these measures provide any understanding into conversion rate.

For sure, the niche should be considered, but I feel that a low conversion rate frequently indicates that some of the traffic obtained is useless, or that inadequate CRO was performed.

As a result, a high conversion rate indicates that you are driving relevant traffic and providing good value to your visitors, which is one of the key goals of an affiliate marketer, in my opinion.

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  • Aug 31 2021
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