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Facebook Analytics

This would be extremely useful to have all in one place. 

  • Guest
  • Jun 14 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Hafid Ayllon commented
    October 02, 2018 04:44

    Please, I hope that you can integrate this function into Later. It would make a complete solution for agencies. Thank you

  • Tyler Hazard commented
    23 Jan 14:35

    Being able to easily assess performance of posts across FB and IG platforms in one place would be incredibly convenient. 

  • Denu Toytoyndjian commented
    20 Feb 19:00

    PLEASE! this would be awesome!!!

  • Roy Kasmir commented
    28 Feb 02:21

    Yes Please!

  • Dakota Lowe commented
    06 Mar 20:46

    It looks like this was created in 2017, does anyone know a timeline for this product?

  • Iana Poliakova commented
    12 Mar 09:00

    I would also love to have this! Later.com is the most convenient tool I've used so far, but since there is no Facebook analytics I still need to use other tools as well. Would be amazing to have everything in the same place! 

  • Gabriel Raymondou commented
    05 May 15:03

    Do you have any roadmap concerning this feature?

  • Kristy Norton commented
    15 May 01:37

    I NEED this feature. I currently use Later to report on my IG analytics and want to look professional by having the same layout.  Seems like you're being a little left behind Later. Please introduce this pronto. Everytime someone asks me about 'later' the first thing they say is 'but what about the analytics'. I have to be honest and say .... hhhmmm, inconsistent, they only do IG analytics.

  • ella Szynkowski commented
    04 Dec 22:01

    Guys! This idea was proposed in 2018!! why is this not a thing yet? Instagram isn't the only social platform our clients are utilizing! Facebook is HIGHLY needed! I have little chance convincing my team to switch to later without this ability. Lets get it added team!