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Let us add saved captions without starting a new post

It would be useful to be able to add saved captions as we think of them without having to start a new post - would be good if we could have easier access to this feature and able to view and edit them from the main panel.

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  • May 24 2021
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  • Ricky Patten commented
    26 Jun 05:16am

    I totally agree.

    I just watched Later's Ultimate Guide to Hashtags 2021 .... great rave on Saved Captions. Too hard to go through process of create post .... click into where ever you add hashtags .... how many steps really to access a great feature!!!

    Should be in the main menu brightly shinning as a wonderful Later feature!

    Might even be great to add some structure as I can imagine if I start using lots Saved Captions I will want to navigate to the captions. For example

    Saved Captions

    • Content related

    • Product related

    • Brand related

    Me create those categories .... would make it just sooo easy and joyous to use!!

    Thank you