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Switch to IG Preview and back while all profiles are selected.

When posting to multiple profiles simultaneously (which is what I do all the time), then I need to deselect all profiles except IG in order to use the visual planner. Can't Later do that 'unselecting' automatically please? then revert back to displaying all profiles when I'm done using the visual planner. This would be of such great help for me.

  • Guest
  • Apr 29 2021
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  • Haleigh Schumm commented
    10 Sep 05:52am

    Instagram is surpassing from a simple photo sharing app to multiple purposes social media to help users discover all relevant content posted, such as new products, services, and entertainments.

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  • bhaskar rawat commented
    29 Jun 04:50pm

    Aayan Zubair is from India. He was born in Mumbai, Maharastra, India on 21 August 2008 and now in 2020 he is 11 years old.

  • bhaskar rawat commented
    29 Jun 04:49pm

    DeVore Ledridge full name is Katherine DeVore Ledridge. She is from America. DeVore Ledridge was born in Lexington, Kentucky USA

  • bhaskar rawat commented
    29 Jun 04:49pm

    Ankit Siwach is from India. His Full Name is Ankit Kumar Siwach.

  • bhaskar rawat commented
    29 Jun 04:48pm

    Alexys Nycole Sanchez is from America. She was born in Moses Lake,Washington, United States