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Ability to Geo Tag Photos

It would be useful to be able to geo-tag photos for Facebook and Instagram. As a destination hotel representative, a lot of people search for a location to see feeds, and I would appreciate that being something that I can incorporate in my scheduling to make posting more streamlined.

  • Guest
  • May 18 2017
  • Shipped
  • Aug 16, 2018

    Admin response

    We have now shipped the ability to add Geo Tags (and People Tagging) to IG posts!

    One restriction is they have to be scheduled as "auto-publish", as this will only work going through the new Instagram API.

    Hope this feature helps!

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  • Guest commented
    11 Mar, 2020 04:22pm

    I have not seen these feature available for Facebook...?

  • Guest commented
    11 Mar, 2020 03:36pm

    Please add location tags for Facebook posts and Twitter posts! I constantly do this in Hootsuite where I currently scheudle all of my Facebook, Twiiter and LinkedIn posts. I'd love to convert entirly to Later. But your software is lacking in several features for those platforms.

  • Guest commented
    18 Oct, 2018 02:39pm

    Hi, How can we use that feature? 

  • Guest commented
    4 Sep, 2018 11:39pm

    Hi, does this also work on the iOS mobile app or is this a web only feature? Cheers

  • Peter commented
    18 Aug, 2018 07:37pm

    Please delete my last comment, it is working. I had a plugin that was blocking this functionality!

  • Peter commented
    18 Aug, 2018 06:30pm

    Does this feature really work already?

    The search never returns any results!

  • Guest commented
    16 Aug, 2018 07:48pm

    This is great! How about tagging others in the photos?

  • Peter commented
    16 Aug, 2018 06:54pm

    based on your product pages, geolocation is already available, right?

  • Sertan Djelal commented
    7 Aug, 2018 12:32pm

    Any update on when this will be available?

  • Guest commented
    15 May, 2018 05:33pm

    This is great and I am happy to hear it's in progress!

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    14 May, 2018 10:01pm

    This is now available on the new IG API, and we are developing it right now

  • Guest commented
    3 Apr, 2018 02:49am

    This feature is absolutely necessary.

  • Guest commented
    20 Mar, 2018 03:54pm

    "Unfortunately we can't add locations to Instagram posts, as their API doesn't allow those to be added outside their app."

    I'm 80% positive a competing service (Hootsuite) allows this and phototagging.

  • Lee Crow commented
    16 Feb, 2018 09:38am

    Now that the API has been opened up is this a feature that is feasible?

  • Marina C commented
    13 Oct, 2017 10:15pm

    Could that be considered for Twitter as well?

  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2017 01:05pm

    I know it's impossible now to add location automatically to a post, but maybe it's an idea to put it somewhere on a post in Later as a reminder.

  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    23 May, 2017 11:49pm

    Unfortunately we can't add locations to Instagram posts, as their API doesn't allow those to be added outside their app.

    It is possible to add locations to Facebook posts though - so if we get enough demand (upvotes), we can add this to our roadmap!

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