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Ability to change an image after scheduling

Sometimes I need to update an image before a post is published. Currently I have to copy the text, delete the post from the planner and re-schedule with the new image. If I could just hit edit and swap the image out it would be super speedy.

  • Ballet Fusion
  • Mar 31 2021
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  • jmiller salon commented
    8 Apr 06:33am

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  • master share commented
    6 Apr 08:01am

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  • Katie Bolin commented
    5 Apr 03:11pm

    YES. And to add or remove social channels for a particular post. I'll get through creating a post and then realize I didn't click Facebook or Twitter. Huge time drain.

  • Luke Farrugia commented
    5 Apr 02:54am

    Support. This is incredibly frustrating and a time drain. Especially given the industry we are in where things change fairly consistently and it would be a whole lot easier to quickly swap out an image than redo the entire post and refind images.