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How many five-letter words are there?

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Knees, kneel, knell, knelt, knife, kneed, knead, knars, knaps, knaur, knave, knawe, knish, knits, knows, known, knurl, knurs, koala, knout, knots, knock, knobs, knoll, knops, knosp, knack, etc,.

=- Meaning of knits

1 definition found

1: n. pl. Small particles of ore.

=- Meaning of kneed

2 definition found

1: a. Having knees;- used chiefly in composition; as, in-kneed; out-kneed; weak-kneed.

2: a. Geniculated; forming an obtuse angle at the joints, like the knee when a little bent; as, kneed grass.

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  • Mar 12 2021
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