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Hashtag analytics per post, pretty please – xoxo, kthxbye 😘👋🏼

What is the idea?

MVP Version
I want to be able to see how the hashtags are doing per post.

"What I really, really, really want (pleaaaaaase?!)" version
I want to be able to see how the hashtags are doing per post and be able to:

  • Add labels/tags to categorize posts

  • Analyze posts with via a single tag (or even better, multiple tags)

This would be able to allow me to draw conclusions around which hashtags have been working for certain categories of posts to up my hashtag game even further.

Why is it needed?
Right now, I have to look through each hashtag to see if a specific post used it. That's very inefficient. And I may or may not have a short attention span. Jury's still out.

How would it help?

  • Gives me an extra degree of nuance to understanding hashtag performance.

  • Data becomes easier to analyze and see which hashtags are doing the best for a specific post or a category of post.

  • Maybe it would be such an awesome feature, that finance would allocate more money to the project. Then you could hire more people to work on it, which means you'd add more jobs to the market, which means the unemployment rate would go down... Okay, I'll stop. I'm just really trying to sell this feature, but I topped out at two bullet points. So I added this third one to pad it out a bit. Did it work? 😬

For example:
Say I'm a donut shop owner. We'll call it Monsieur Drools. It's fancy. 🍩🤤 Anyway, as I was saying. Say you own the aforementioned donut shop, and wanted to know which hashtags performed best with which donut photos. I could simply go in and select all the posts I've tagged with the "jelly filled" label and perhaps discover that, "Holy crap! #jellyfilled really crushed it discovery-wise. But #donut, on the other hand, was a total dud. Weird, but okay." Or, do that same scenario but filter by my donut pics by the "jelly filled" and "round donuts" labels. I could then also start to use this data to see if there are any trends with how each donuts are doing after I post a certain donut photo. I'm hungry now.

  • Michael
  • Mar 5 2021
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