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Fire Fox/Chrome/Browser Addon

Simple. Create and add on so I can add photos all over the web to the media with either a right click or a drag of some sort.
That way I don't have to download and save or upload to the media library. For instance I'm on Reddit viewing stuff and someone posts a picture that I want to share, I can essentially just right click/drag it to the addon and then it will be in the library for later use. I could then I  share it later. I'm sure this could be perfected to be better but that is the general Idea.

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  • Apr 19 2017
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    Roger Patterson commented
    22 Apr, 2017 12:02am

    We actually already have a Chrome extension!

    You can get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/later-save-images-for-ins/cpohpgohfajjfjiakcfcobnhfnfdddkg?hl=en