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Toggle between different Later accounts in the app

I have a content creator agency and I'm using Later for my clients. When I schedule stories or Instagram Carrousel posts, I have to manually post them from my phone when I receive a notification. If I can toggle between different Later accounts in the app, than I would receive notifications for the different clients, and I don't have to log off/on (which means that in that case, I will not receive notifications from the client who is logged of, so that means that right now I have to set alarms in my agenda..) I think this would be a HUGE benefit for all content creator agencies who has the same issue.

For the impression: when I have different Instagram profiles on my mobile device and I'm logged into Example 1, I still receive notifications (such as likes/messages) from Example 2. It would be perfect if Later could add such thing.

Hope you will take this in consideration! :-)

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  • Jan 21 2021
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