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Auto Posting Carousel Images to Instagram.

As a mental health private practice, it is crucial that we are able to efficiently schedule and automatically post content to all of our social media platforms. Later provides us the unique opportunity to do this....but does not allow auto posting multiple images to Instagram at once which is a major inconvenience. As a private practice, we create and post content for "meet the team" posts as well as large groups of key note speaker/presenter like posts which require anywhere from 2-10 image slides. These posts are a large part of what drives our clients to contact and reach out for therapy services. I highly suggest updating Later's capabilities to auto post multiple images to instagram. Otherwise, you are losing our business to other companies such as constant contact and platforms that will allow us to do so.

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  • Dec 5 2020
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  • whaat what commented
    24 Mar 04:43pm

    dunno how to upvote

    but it's MUST feature

  • Gaven Rank commented
    23 Feb 11:22pm

    Out of me I can suggest that without psychology we can't do it now. Look at what's happening, these viruses, quarantines, and so on are nuts for people. I was one of them myself, it was fear. It's nice at least that I have been advised to address the issues with a counselor Calmerry . I did it and without any problems I could find and talk to him online therapeutic footage. Then I realized instantly that it had to represent, and I'm different now. Therefore, not panic, but contact experts are required. There's no room without it.