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Placeholder on calendar for posts scheduled elsewhere

Love having the calendar that allows me to see all of my posts and where I have gaps that need filled still. Sometimes I post things like links or videos which I cannot post via Later. No biggie there, I just post straight from the social platform. Then I look at my calendar and see "holes" that make me think I missed a post. If there was an option to drag and drop a placeholder of some type onto the calendar to signify that there has been a post in that time slot, just not through Later. But it does allow one to use Later for the big picture of what has been scheduled each week.

I aim for post scheduled at 7am, 11am , 3pm and 7pm each day which is rather specific so the calendar has been glorious! Now to fill in those other gaps from posts made in other platforms :)

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  • Dec 3 2020
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