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Swapping photos within a scheduled post in calendar

Would be very helpful if there is a way to swap photos that have already been scheduled within your calendar, especially for those scheduled carousel posts (with multiple images).

  • Guest
  • Dec 3 2020
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  • Numbers Numbers commented
    26 Dec, 2020 04:49am

    Thanks for the update and quick reply. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it. Looking forward for solution.

  • Mary Kelly commented
    10 Dec, 2020 05:43pm

    YESS! My goodness it's such a pain in the behind

  • olga kozmanidze commented
    7 Dec, 2020 04:49pm

    absolutely agree. It's quite time consumung to create a new post from scratch everytime in cases when there is just one of several pics has to be changed.

  • Bijoy calcul commented
    6 Dec, 2020 08:09am