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replace the image in a scheduled post

I'd like to be able to replace the image in a scheduled post. When I have an image update and i have to copy and past the caption and then delete and reschedule the post.


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  • Mar 9 2017
  • Will not implement
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  • Peace Out commented
    27 Oct 03:14am

    I just wasted 20 minutes in the help menu trying to rephrase my question. It never occured to me that this wouldn't be a basic feature. Then I come here and find a post from three and a half years ago with 40 comments and 412 votes and a tag that says "will not implement." Well I "will not renew my subcription" and I "will take my business elsewhere."

  • Fuck You commented
    7 Oct 03:58pm

    This app is horrible and missing basic functions I'm looking into other websites now. Absolute trash, you should all be ashamed

  • Antoinette Trovato commented
    29 Sep 03:19am

    This is a feature that needs to be implemented asap. Its a simple and basic function that so many paying customers are asking for. IMPLEMENT THIS FEATURE.

  • Jose Quiroz commented
    14 Sep 04:42pm

    Maybe they have a different name for it. Please check and vote on https://ideas.later.com/ideas/LATER-I-1144

  • Jose Quiroz commented
    14 Sep 04:40pm

    Getting tired of Later not having basic features like this, or boolean search for media, or better tag management and filter etc.

  • Tim David Müller-Zitzke commented
    7 Sep 04:40pm

    Wtf why can you not implement this?

  • Jenny Dewes commented
    21 Aug 01:18pm

    This feature would save me so much time and hassle, swapping out images is basically a given of my workflow :( Does anyone know why they refuse to implement??

  • Augusta D'Ambrosio commented
    10 Aug 07:52pm

    What???? Planoly has this feature!!!

  • Melanie Tapson commented
    3 Aug 07:23pm

    Curious what alternative platforms people are considering since this is now a "will not implement"? Does anyone have information on why Later is choosing not to implement something that other platforms have and users are asking for? This is really critical to the way I plan. Thanks!

  • kinga wysocka commented
    3 Aug 03:47pm

    How is this still not a feature? This is so basic it's insane to not implement. Every other app has this feature. I dont want to switch my client to another app but it is extremely time consuming every time a scheduled post needs an image update you have to start from scratch!

  • Lloyd Yasminida commented
    31 Jul 08:07am

    "Will not implement" - WTF?! Refusing to provide basic editing features. This is requested everywhere and is so freaking obvious it should have been done before even starting. Anyone have recommendations for alternative services??

  • Jason H commented
    28 Jul 09:09pm

    Please implement this. Super annoying not to be able to replace a photo.

  • Loïc Bellemare-Alford commented
    19 Jul 08:59pm

    As a software engineer, I do not see any technical reason why this would not be possible. This is a basic feature we are asking for that would save so much pain having to copy/paste manually on all platforms when we decide to change a picture.

  • Miriam L commented
    15 Jul 07:32am

    For the love of God pleaaaaaase implement that feature. Buffer has it, but i would love to stick with later for the company I'm working for. It is so endlessly time consuming!

  • Elodie Bornet commented
    23 Jun 01:40pm

    2020 and still no implementation of this feature ? :(
    Only solution I got is copy/paste but time consuming with all other feature (tag, location..)

  • P L commented
    10 Jun 04:47pm

    I would also like to update the image after I create my post in case it is too large or I need to change it to another image without doing all the work over again. PLEASE IMPLEMENT!

  • Eileen Ng commented
    27 May 01:42am

    This is a basic feature isn't it that is so in demand and the users need so much. What is the reason that it will not be implemented? Can we re-propose??

  • Winifred Wright commented
    27 Apr 06:46pm

    I second a BOOOO. This is a basic feature and should be implemented. I used to recommend Later to all my clients, and now, I'm about to stop using Later altogether because of how many basic features are completely missing, like this one.

  • david woolery commented
    25 Apr 06:12pm

    BOOOO - why are you limiting the potential of your service? Thinking it's time to cancel...

  • O Y commented
    19 Apr 05:08pm

    We need this desperately! It's a total hassle to replace an image right now, it's really a deal breaker for using Later as my main service

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