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Device notification to selected profiles

It would be amazing to have an option to choose which devices the notifications go to for each profile's posts. We have 3 IG managers and each time someone else's post is scheduled to be published we all receive notifications, and every now and then we get mixed up and post each other's posts.

The three of us are on different sides of the planet, so the timing is all over the place and when my London-based colleague is posting, I get notifications in the middle of the night. Then she receives mine in the middle of her night, when my posts are due in my LA time schedule.

So basically, I would love for each manager to be able to set to only receive notifications on their own devices for the posts that they have scheduled under their profiles.

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  • Mar 8 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Ryan Corless commented
    13 Feb, 2018 03:15pm

    This is 100% needed. I manage a team of marketers around the world that post in different time zones. They need to be able to schedule posts and have a notification sent to their device rather than that notification going out to the entire team at all hours of the night. It seems like the system can already identify individual devices so this shouldn't be an intensive project to implement. Thanks.