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Make the media column possible to drag and drop & make post that are scheduled to the same day/time open in one window

1. Make the media column be able to drag and drop so we can organize better before dropping to the calendar. It help to plan and then schedule. Then I can use the insta preview for more in depth planning. But at least this helps me maintain consistency among social platform. Because the pictures are uploading in a random order it is very difficult to visually organize before scheduling. With the current way if I make changes in the inst preview I need to go to each facebook image and rearrange them as well and because the thumbnails are so small is very difficult to be accurate.

2. If two social platform posts are scheduled at the same time it would be great if they both open for editing at the same time just like when we are scheduling for the first time. All in one pop up window. If I happen to make a mistake I need to go back one by one of each post to make the correction, doubling up the amount of work. If they are scheduled at the same time it would make sense to have them all open in the same pop up window.

Thanks - so far loving the app but those two things so far.

Hopefully these this can be added. I'll love you forever!

Thanks Mia

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  • Oct 21 2020
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