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Let me change caption for each profile If I have selected multiple profiles for the same post as Buffer.com

I have been using Buffer.com for over 2 years for personal use.
I would upgrade my plan but for some reasons my card is getting declined and they don't accept any other method; Paypal etc.

I really liked the feature where I could just click on the social profile and it automatically copies media and captions from the previous profile (if any)

Now I don't have to upload the same media for a different social profile and I can just change the caption for each one of them if I want and schedule in a single click.

I looked for alternatives and now I'm trying Hootsuite because
👍They have LinkedIn as well.
👍They have an API (I'll test it and see if it's useful for me)

👎Their UI sucks

👎 It's a bit pricey $22

👎 They don't have the above feature either.

but I'm using it because I got 30 days free trial and they accept Paypal.

I would upgrade to Later next month when my Hoosuite trial ends and it would be super great if they have the same feature as Buffer.com.

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  • Oct 10 2020
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  • Sean McDonald commented
    14 Oct, 2020 09:38pm

    I've been scheduling each profile's posts separately, as there was only one caption box, it made me think I had to do the same caption if I wanted to schedule everything together. Once you hit next, it shows each profile, with related caption, and you can change each of them individually.