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Ability To Embed LinkInnBio Feed In Own Website

The ability to embed a LinkinBio (Instagram) feed in your own website is a must have. Not only does this mean that a user can have their own branding and layout by default, but the ability to embed also cuts out the number of jumps and clicks a user takes to land on your own website- increasing stickability.

Competitors to Later offer this, however their overall service is highly lacking.

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  • Feb 27 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Jere Freitas commented
    7 Sep 07:42am

    I realy need this too! Working with later for a year, png to ico but due to no creditcard, no upgrade possoble. It's a shame.!

  • Amanda Williams commented
    20 Mar, 2019 06:41pm

    As a workaround, you could set up a page on your website to redirect to LinkBio.

  • Tiffany Mathis commented
    2 Apr, 2018 08:07pm

    This is a huge issue - with snapppt.com this is already implemented, which is a big benefit to us - it brings everything from our instagram to our blog easily. But with linkin.bio we're missing that key element. As of now, we're still falling back on snapppt.com to fill in that blank space left by linkin.bio. It would be amazing if this was implemented!  

  • Brogan Renshaw commented
    12 Oct, 2017 12:54am

    Don't understand how Later haven't implemented a feed for to embed on individual website yet?! This is a must have for some business I work for and we are having to use alternative services other than Later.