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Later is uploading LOW Resolution Images

Our agency works with brands, we have been using Later for about 5 months and the platform is very useful. Lately some posts in client's accounts have been uploaded with lower resolution and for example Instagram wont let us promote ("This photo's resolution is too low and can't be used. Choose a different post or upload a higher quality image")

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  • Sep 15 2020
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  • Lee Kane commented
    15 Sep 19:17

    I have been experiencing this for a couple of weeks. I spent a lot of time creating some great image content but its no good posting through Later because of the quality. I have sent them a message and im hoping they don't come back with the usual blah about how to best create images for Instagram, if they do i will just cancel my subscription and look at other options.

    On a side note though i did try Tailwindapp and the same problem persists with them. So im wondering if this is something they have no control over and is something being instigated by Instagram. I have uploaded images directly from my phone and all is good. I have also directly uploaded from my PC using a workaround by using Google chrome inspector in mobile view and uploaded an image directly which too was ok.

    So it is the platforms. Its a shame because scheduling works really well and reduces the time posting on Instagram can take.