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Get more support


I have been a customer of later for over 6 years now. I love the app, but unfortunately, their customer service is not up to par as far as response time.

  1. Add a phone line system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for an issue on your end, especially for "VIP" members.

  2. Add more customer support agents

  3. When telling me I'm on "VIP list" for emails, why is it still taking over a week to get a reply? I don't even think you flagged my account for VIP as you said and I can't find the email anywhere.

Being with Later for more than 6 years, I do have A LOT of content that I do still circulate around. When I suggest that the system is slow they blame it on the amount of content I have. Rather than fixing the issue and finding a solution on their end of possibly upgrading their backend to help with our issue, since it is an issue anyone can come across, they brush it off FOR YEARS.

There should be delegated people to take care of VIP accounts. Later has been around for so long and there have been MINIMAL changes to upgrade the program.

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  • Sep 8 2020
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