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Canva Intergration

design and upload photos directly to later rather than download them to my laptop then upload to later

  • Guest
  • Sep 8 2020
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  • Martina Ferrarini commented
    13 Oct 07:35am

    It would be the perfect match!

  • Guest commented
    7 Oct 06:55pm

    YES!!!! I need this!

  • Sallie DAVIES commented
    4 Oct 01:10am

    i would love to be able to easily integerate my canva design into later. it would so much less time to using the later product with canva and insta and facebook. they are both different sizes and you need to download to your pc with descriptors is just messy.

  • Andrea Dias commented
    29 Sep 05:07pm

    This would be amazing, I spend too much time downloading and uploading media.

  • jeu onl commented
    14 Aug 10:04am

    For me, playing games is not a bad thing, it helps me to relieve stress a lot: tapas, sketchfab

  • jeu onl commented
    14 Aug 10:02am

    Awsome: ko-fi, qiita

  • jeu onl commented
    14 Aug 10:00am

    Thank for this: hub.docker, gab

  • Guest commented
    8 Aug 07:19pm

    This integration would make Later SO competitive with other scheduling apps!

  • Ryan Brakus commented
    19 Jul 04:03am

    If I integrate Canva on HubSpot and is there a certain plan to unlock Canva Pro too automatically or will I have to purchase the Canva pro plan separately?


  • Guest commented
    14 Jun 07:27am

    Please make this happen! The workflow would be amazing!!!!

  • Guest commented
    27 May 02:03am

    This would be amazing

  • Guest commented
    20 May 10:39pm

    Yes this would be awesome feature for both Canva and Later clients.

  • Guest commented
    20 May 08:29pm

    Yes, please do this!

  • Coloring Only commented
    20 May 02:50pm

    I upload it to clipart.world from my laptop. It's good storage!

  • Lenard Browne commented
    16 Apr 12:10pm

    We need this! Adobe Spark would be great as well.

  • Hannah Crawford commented
    24 Feb 08:48pm

    Yes! A direct link would be amazing please! The two step process feels clunky when so many of us publish straight from one to the other.

  • Guest commented
    25 Jan 10:47pm

    Yes, please!