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Manual Later Profile Photo Uploading for Linkin.bio Page

Currently creator Instagram accounts show a blank profile photo on Linkin.bio page (which makes it look either incomplete or unporfessional). Should be a simple implementation.

At the moment we have no way to manually upload a profile photo, as it's connected directly to the Instagram API. However, it would make sense to build this . For context, the reason why this option isn't available is because Later used to get sent profile images for all profile types from the Instagram side. Recently Instagram migrated their API's over so that app partners actually connect to the Facebook API, which doesn't send any data through for creator and personal profiles. This is a newer limitation, and since Later hasn't received any feedback from Instagram on whether they will be bringing this back, it makes sense to build this internally

It would be a great option for cases where the creator Instagram profile setup is the best working option for the user.

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  • Jul 16 2020
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