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Add IGTV to the preview

I post to IGTV from my computer, add the IGTV video also to my feed.

And Later DOES NOT includes it in the preview. Therefore my complete instagram feed is messed up. I believe it must be a bug...

  • Guest
  • Jun 17 2020
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  • Moria Hazan commented
    10 Sep 20:35

    omg I just sent them so many emails about this! Add it already. Planoly allows you to add it. Keep up Later!! Or people will leave ;)

  • Kristen M. commented
    09 Sep 21:56

    Agreed that it's necessary to be able to see Reels in your feed otherwise you can't plan your account's aesthetic. Even if it was a screenshot of the thumbnail as a workaround/placeholder, it would be extremely helpful. Paying for the Later subscription isn't worth it without this support because so many people use this as the main feature of the app.

  • B K commented
    03 Aug 22:06

    I recommended later to many people because of the Feed preview and that was also the reason why I booked the paid version. Right now I'm thinking about canceling my account because of the fact that Video/IGTV posts are not visible. It's almost useless and I can use other tools with more features or for free, like FB creator studio. Are there any plans to integrate IGTV or Videos on the Feed preview?

  • Kreol Kool commented
    15 Jul 08:41

    same problem here. feed is now messed up after posting on IGTV with IG preview. post not on Later layout preview. any way around this?

  • Alexander DiMauro commented
    19 Jun 01:48

    Yes, this is really annoying. My preview is pretty much completely useless now. All you need to do is let us upload our IGTV covers to Later, make a post, and mark it as a placeholder instead of a post. Then it will show up in our preview AND we get to save our IGTV captions in there for future reference. It would be perfect.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jun 12:59

    I have the same problem