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Add IGTV to the preview

I post to IGTV from my computer, add the IGTV video also to my feed.

And Later DOES NOT includes it in the preview. Therefore my complete instagram feed is messed up. I believe it must be a bug...

  • Guest
  • Jun 17 2020
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  • Guest commented
    16 Apr 12:58pm

    Please add this functionality for both IGTV and reels... Particularly already posted ones so we can plan effectively.

    Even if we have to manually add placeholder images for the covers, as long as we can see what the existing feed actually looks like.

    I'm currently having to use an additional app (Preview) to check what the feed looks.

  • Hayley Robinson commented
    9 Apr 01:35am


    Its takes planning my content so much longer when i have to consider the missed reels in the grid

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar 09:56pm

    YESSSSSS even if its just a screen grab of the cover photo... i need SOMETHING to know how my feed is actually going to look...

  • chanel nami commented
    25 Feb 05:57pm

    yes please!!

  • Camilla Raven commented
    15 Feb 11:17am

    Completely agree it need to show them on the grid, even if you can't schedule them on Later it has to show them on the preview if they've already been posted for Later to actually work with the modern day use of Instagram

  • Guest commented
    12 Feb 10:53pm

    I agree with the comments too. Both reel and IGTV video posts need to show up in Preview to be able to use the Preview features, which is one of the main reasons I signed up with Later. At the very least it would be nice to show a blank square in the interim. Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    8 Feb 04:09pm


  • Guest commented
    5 Feb 05:56pm

    Agree with all the comments! With all the emphasis on Reels and so many accounts posting these, it's absolutely essential to have at least a placeholder show up in the preview. Please consider adding this as will need to consider switching to an app that can accommodate this feature.

  • Guest commented
    17 Dec, 2020 02:29pm

    Completely agree with all previous comments. Dear LATER, it is ridiculous how you do not listen since so long to your customers and do not enable a simple function to import a simple placeholder for IGTV or Reels to the grid preview.

    Without this, the app is absolutely useless, as it is mainly the feed preview which I am using it for. I will switch to PLANOLY, which can import IGTV. Even free apps like PREVIEW can do that.

  • Guest commented
    25 Nov, 2020 12:08am

    Why on earth is this still not a thing on here?! Is this topic even one of the top considerations for Later? I'm going to have to switch scheduling platforms if they don't update soon! Reels and IGTV are so popular now it doesn't make any sense for this to not be a feature.

  • Guest commented
    22 Nov, 2020 07:39pm

    PLEASE! Make this happen! Super important!

  • Rayna Elabed commented
    15 Nov, 2020 09:32pm

    THIS IS STRANGE TO ME THAT AN APPLICATION DESIGNED TO MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS EASIER HAS NOT ADDRESSED AN OBVIOUS ISSUE... I get its a recent update, but the preview feature you advertise as a plus is not adding value anymore and will result in loss income. There really isn't a point in paying for this application, at this point.

  • Shizuno commented
    10 Nov, 2020 03:42pm

    I agree, it's really frustrating considering I pay premium for Later and this isn't a provided feature. Really frustrating!!

  • Sarah Branner commented
    5 Oct, 2020 04:26pm

    Yeah this is a big problem for me because my estic is really imporant, and to not be able to see an actual preview of my grid to plan ahead is ridiculous. ON TOP OF THAT, support suggested scheduling 3 Reels or IGTV posts at a time that way the entire row of your preview will not be available and you will begin scheduling to the next row - which is absolutely ridiculous for people who actually care about what their grid looks like. The worst advice given, especially when you market and promote that it's able to do these things.

    To me, for Later to not be updated to show reels is a bit unacceptable since it should be keeping up with the latest releases. This honestly has me looking at other tools to use because it's no longer making my job easier. It's actually making my job harder now. On top of that, it doesn't support analytics on creator accounts, which is insane to me as well. To me, you're loosing money because I would 100% pay for a plan to have analytics but I need a creator account because it allows me to have music, which is more important to me than Later's analytics.

  • Guest commented
    4 Oct, 2020 05:50pm

    I experience the same thins & also with reels. This makes it harder to schedule the work for my multiple clients. Please add this feature ASAP!

  • Moria Hazan commented
    10 Sep, 2020 08:35pm

    omg I just sent them so many emails about this! Add it already. Planoly allows you to add it. Keep up Later!! Or people will leave ;)

  • Kristen M. commented
    9 Sep, 2020 09:56pm

    Agreed that it's necessary to be able to see Reels in your feed otherwise you can't plan your account's aesthetic. Even if it was a screenshot of the thumbnail as a workaround/placeholder, it would be extremely helpful. Paying for the Later subscription isn't worth it without this support because so many people use this as the main feature of the app.

  • Guest commented
    3 Aug, 2020 10:06pm

    I recommended later to many people because of the Feed preview and that was also the reason why I booked the paid version. Right now I'm thinking about canceling my account because of the fact that Video/IGTV posts are not visible. It's almost useless and I can use other tools with more features or for free, like FB creator studio. Are there any plans to integrate IGTV or Videos on the Feed preview?

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul, 2020 08:41am

    same problem here. feed is now messed up after posting on IGTV with IG preview. post not on Later layout preview. any way around this?

  • Alexander DiMauro commented
    19 Jun, 2020 01:48am

    Yes, this is really annoying. My preview is pretty much completely useless now. All you need to do is let us upload our IGTV covers to Later, make a post, and mark it as a placeholder instead of a post. Then it will show up in our preview AND we get to save our IGTV captions in there for future reference. It would be perfect.

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