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select different account drop-down

When creating the media, have a drop-down or some other way to select which account you want to post it to.


Problem: Often I will be in the library looking for something and come across something else that would make a great post, but not for the current account I'm in, so I have to write a note to myself, finish what I'm doing, switch to the other account, start the search all over---I lose a lot of time going back and forth like this.

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  • Jan 10 2017
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    Roger Patterson commented
    10 Jan, 2017 10:49pm

    We are currently implementing a new feature that should help with your problem.

    We are adding in the ability to "star" (favourite) Media Items from the Media Library, so you explore/find your media in the Media Library, star a bunch of them, and then all the starred media will appear as a separate group in the Side Library on your Calendar