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Repost a previously posted image within Media Library.

Ability to directly "repost" an image in the media library that has already been posted would be great. Currently within the media library, one must go through several steps to create a post from a previously posted image, and even more steps to copy the caption over. The same "repost" option that is in the "search" function would be helpful to have within the media library. 

  • Lauren Grove
  • Dec 17 2016
  • Already exists
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  • Admin
    Roger Patterson commented
    1 Jan, 2017 11:52pm

    Hi there - you should be able to repost a Media Item from you Media Library in one step (just drag from the Used section of your Side Library onto the Calendar)

    If you want to reuse the caption - put the caption in the "Media Notes" of the Media Item, and it will automatically be added to any posts that are created from it!