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Show notes is unessesary

I think the 'Show notes...' bit you click to open the caption is unnecessary as it's another step you have to take to complete your task (I used to work as a User Experience Designer). Also I feel the same way about the 'Edit in library' because it looks the same as the previous screen.

I went to go and add a 'Label' thinking I was adding hashtags to the post, turns out I wasn't, I was a bit confused at that point.

I mostly use Later on desktop and I am unable to add emoji's until I post and I'm taken to my mobile. It would be cool if you could add emoji's to posts as it's a bit annoying having to add them later as the whole point is to be organised before the post.

I hope this helped! When I worked as a UX Designer I appreciated valuable in detail feedback such as this.


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  • Dec 2 2016
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    Roger Patterson commented
    10 Dec, 2016 12:04am

    Hi there - thanks for the feedback.

    As a UX designer you may understand why we put a small speed-bump into editing notes on the Media Items in the Side-Library (not so on the Media Library page) - it's because, as you found out with the Labels/hashtags confusion - people were getting confused, thinking the Notes were the captions and the Media in the Side Library were posts.  We are trying to make sure all things Media oriented, like notes and labels are done mainly in the Media Library (btw - we are about to release some new changes that will make the Media Library even more useful!)

    For emoji's you can actually use your browsers Emoji input to add them on the Web: for Chrome on the Mac (for example), press CMD-CNTRL-SPACE, and the Emoji chooser pops up