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A Post Approval Process with team members within Later

As our social team is growing (and I assume a lot of companies are growing their teams), we are realizing a need to assign and approve posts within the later platform. For example, if we make a new hire, we'd still like them to be creating posts and captions, but before they go live, the Digital Marketing Manager needs to approve the post. 

This would be an ideal workflow: 
Social Media Coordinator finds images, writes captions, and gets a post scheduled. 
Copy Writer reviews the caption and makes any grammar or brand voice edits. 
Digital Marketing Manager makes final approval and the post is ready to go live. 

It would be awesome to  have a way to assign the post to the next team member when it is ready for their review in the workflow. Then the stake holder can make the final approval and "release" the post before it goes out! 

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  • Nov 21 2019
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  • Kelsey Hogan commented
    28 Sep 11:28am

    PLEASE!!! We need this