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URL Download feature on Later Mobile App

Another thing that is pretty frustrating is not being able to pull up Instagram, click Share To... on a post and share it to the Later app where it would automatically download the video/photo and dump the caption in the notes, like it does when you use the URL feature on desktop. Buffr makes it to where you can just click Share on a post and then click on the Buffr app and it automatically download the video and the takes the caption for you and dumps it into the app so you can schedule the post extremely quick.

For now, if I want Later to grab the video/photo and the caption from my phone, I have to copy the post URL then pull up Later.com on my phone, then go the browser settings, Request Desktop View, then go to the URL section and paste it in there. It's a very slow and painful process on mobile especially since the Desktop view is not meant to be used on mobile.

Thanks for reading and the consideration.

  • Alex Bowsher
  • Nov 8 2019
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